Calturas Corning Olives 1

Raising $2,000,000 to close out the remainder of the equity required.

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Value add olive farm investment with permanent crops.
Private equity investment offering for a two property olive ranch in Corning California.   
  • Bonus Depreciation taken in 2021 and can gets carried forward and applied in future years.
  • True Passive Investment.
  • Target 16.01% IRR (Cash on Cash) to our capital partners over 5-year investment cycle. 
  • 1.78 X Target Multiple on your capital.
  • Minimum Investment of $50,000.
  • Preferred return of 8% to our capital partners and 80% profit sharing above the 8% preferred return.
  • Substantial passive income “bonus” tax depreciation on year 1 that can be carried forward.
  • 1031 TIC will be considered as an option for Exchange Buyers.
  • No Debt Liability.

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