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Raising 50k to expand my company so I am able to sign my first contract.

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  • Hello, my name is Linda Tyler, I am the owner of C2C LLC, IN GEORGIA, I hoping to find a investor of 50,000.00 to get my driver on the road, and getting my Authority etc. Here is a brief introduction, This company is very different then the current transportation companies , because the driver pay , how I get my loads. I have over 5 yrs experience in the trucking industry. With the knowledge of the HOS, DOT, and DAT my drivers will be well rewarded for their time. With only 1 driver making 2 to 4 thousand a day ( 5 day work week),for the month 8,000.00 to 16,000.00 and yearly from 96,000.00 to 192,000.00,with my monthly bills taken out I should revenue should be between 80,000.00 to 180,000.00 yearly. As the company grows those numbers will increase quickly. The company will be getting loads by different ways, with the end result to have my own clients. I will also be offering free class A training for those that want to become a CDL driver. I will be opening up other companies in different markets, this is only the beginning of a new way of doing business were the employees are happy and financially well compensated. We will be operating 24/7. My trucks will be equipped with DOT Safety equipment and seal locks that covers the trailer seal so the load is protected from break in, cameras will be installed in and around the truck that will be monitored. I can be reached at 912-402-3380.

    Thank you so much,
    Linda Tyler

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