BX Hedge Fund

Cryptocurrency Portfolio Mangement Comaapny and Software

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BX Crypto Hedge Fund

Looking to recieve funding to increase current capital aswell as offer up to a possible stake in the future of my portfolio and company

I am a serious investor with a very deep understanding of the cryptocurrency space aswell as smart money trading concepts.  I have developed my own investment strategies aswell as automated software that allows me to run a long term investment plan for the revolution that is and will be DEFI and the finacially literate next generation aswell as a short term daytrading strategy that has currently made over 100% gains for each month the past 4 months. 

With these 2 combined it creates a self sustaining profitable strategy that decreases risk while increasing reward by using a hedge trading and arbitrage strategy and allows me to heave time to devlope automated trading software suitable, easy and fun to use for even the lowest-qualified investor

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