BWC, Basalt World Corp.

Offering 16% + a voting seat for a New SEC approved, Jobs Act $75 million Regulation A+ Raise for scale up of green infrastructure building and repair materials

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Good day

BWC is offering 16% and one voting board seat for $5.2 million in debt equity fully repaid in 3.4 years. 
BWC has a plan to have its stock free trading in just months thru its new Reg A+ offering.
Right on time, BWC proposes a win /win opportunity no matter how the general economy sorts out from this election. 
Perhaps you heard, Nov 2nd, just the day before the election of 2020, the SEC made key investing changes.
As part of the Jobs Act, the SEC just ruled the maximum amount companies can raise under the new Regulation A+, by subscribing with "both", accredited and non-accredited investors, is now $75Million!
Opportunities unfolding as they are, reaction time moving forward and personalities we can work with have become everything to us at BWC aka Basalt World Corp.
Just 1-27-2021, the pentagon, (DOD) announced “global warming in a security risk”, WOW!

BWC has socially responsible answers to address environmental concerns.
BWC is up and running with a new and disruptive material for the burgeoning Concrete Infrastructure Building and Restoration Sector. 
Lucky for BWC, in an unusual occurrence, both political parties embraced infrastructure as a bipartisan job’s creator.
BWC management developed and owns IP, patent issued and patents pending products with fully register trademarks for several structural "glass-state” fiber reinforced polymer alternatives to traditional use of black steel rebar for the internal reinforcement of concrete infrastructure. BIG MARKET!
We all can clearly see areas where traditional steel rebar is "bleeding rust" from our cracked and failing concrete infrastructure. "Coatings and or additives are but bandages, steel rusts and it always will!
Today the owners of concrete construction, governments included, want what we have. BWC has a bright future!
BWC controls cost effective, totally non-rusting, “Green” alternatives to the heavy steel reinforcement rusting away within the very concrete infrastructure in which we all live and work!
Today, low carbon footprint, aka, “Social Responsibility” sells! 
Consider please! The decisions made, “now today”, regarding what we do in the next ten years, will determine “if” the damage mankind has done to our planet,” can be” turned around!  
BWC has a plan to expand commercialization of its trademarked suite of non-rusting internal reinforcements for concrete. 
BWC produces from “renewable” raw materials, the lowest carbon footprint of any industry recognized structural material…..
BWC will award to the "right" VC, a 16% equity stake in exchange for $5.2 million in short term debt equity and 1 voting seat. 
$5 million ensures the founder and principal inventor will maintain total control as we raise the $75 million via Reg A +. 
About $500,000. of your funding will be used to "insure" a full $75 million subscription by hi tec social media advertising and a properly orchestrated Tier II Reg A + raise for $75 million. 
Our plan is to launch our raise, using “just one” of our extensive suite of epoxy/basalt-based products, our RockRebar®. 
You provide the scale up capitol and BWC provides the suite of products upon with which we can make multiple bites at VC
To expedite your due diligence of BWC, may we ask that You Tube Basalt World Corp. and watch the short video please. 
Should having a voting seat on BWC's board. 
Your initial investment secure and "back" to you at 30% per year “as per the terms of SEC approved Reg A+ offerings. 
You are out whole in just over three years.
You are still owning a 16% stake in BWC with its new fresh $75 million in Reg A+ growth capitol.
Should give you a gut feeling” this is a fit”!
Please reach out to: 
                Basalt World Corp.
                     Don R. Smith
         Chairman / Director of R&D
                 954-270-9000 cell
         [email protected]             
All the best & be well
Don Smith

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