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Raising 1 million to taking over successful 24+ year old restaurant

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 My daughter and I are looking for investors so we can take over a successful restaurant called LaDonna’s Grill & Catering in Meeker Oklahoma. The restaurant owners are past ready to retire. The husband has dementia and cannot help any more. The wife struggles to run it by herself. They lost their oldest child shortly after she gave birth to a stillborn and their only other child has 2 very small ones and a 3rd currently in NICU as he was born at 27 weeks. The owner needs to help her daughter but the restaurant is so busy she just can’t.  I used to manage this restaurant and my daughter has worked for them for several years.  They have been in business for over 20 years and the growth this last year has been amazing!!  The restaurant is a very popular mom and pop place where food is cooked from scratch.  It was recently remodeled in the banquet and dinning rooms.  Discover Oklahoma even did a segment on the restaurant and since it has hired business has increased so much. We believe in this restaurant, have seen it’s  success and are ecstatic for the future of it.  Now we need someone to believe in us and invest in our vision to making it even bigger than it is now. 

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