Bull Airs NY LLC

Raising $300k (equity investing) for Upscaling our global foot-ware business along with purchases licensing rights for pop culture brands

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Then you're in for a treat with BULL AIRS .  (Bull Airs NY LLC)
The brainchild of none other than Thom Bulman, celebrity tattoo artist from the hit TV show Ink Master -paramount network. In 2021 he made the hold move to pivot from his already successful tattoo business into the world of custom footwear design. And boy. were glad he did!

Thom's passion for creativity and uniqueness is evident in every pair of BULL AIRS sneakers. From the carefully crafted designs to the high-quality materials used, each shoe is a work of art that pays tribute to the world of geek culture. Whether you're a comic book fan. a gamer or just someone who appreciates bold and innovative fashion. BULL AIRS has got you covered. 

So why settle for ordinary, run-of-the-mill footwear when you can step up your game with BULL AIRS? Join the ranks of the fashion-forward and stand out from the crowd with a pair of shoes that truly reflect your personality and style. Trust us, you won't regret it!

BULL AIRS specializes in :
Creating one-of-a-kind footwear that is as 
unique as the person wearing it. In fact some of the biggest names in pop culture have already taken notice - from pop culture icons like: pee wee herman to the the blue power ranger, to Mark Hoppus of blink 182 to Boba fett himself Daniel logan. Thom literally has his shoes on all your favorite
pop culture celebs! 

So whether you're headed to a comicon, rock concert or movie premiere. make sure you're sporting a pair of BULL AIRS. With their unbeatable style and undeniable swagger, these shoes are the ultimate accessory for anyone who wants to make a statement. Don't settle for ordinary footwear.

BULL AIRS Community:
We pride ourselves in not only do we offer a great product but we’ve built a community of other bull airs fans (affectionately called air heads) that can come together on our Facebook group “secret sneaker society” and share their passions.
- With over 1k members and growing. Not to mention of ig pages have a total over 149k followers. 

Please no loans,  asking for investors looking to gain equity in the buisness

- BULL AIRS nostalgia in every step!

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