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Raising $50k to produce an independent feature film.

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Our company, Buddy Puddle Productions, has been producing professional video and independent films/shorts since 2014; our 2015 feature film "This Loneliness" was an official selection at the Twin Cities Film Festival and won "Best Comedy Feature" at the Illinois International Film Festival, and in the past five years we have produced some 25 short films for both YouTube and film festival release, building up a network of Minnesota based cast and crew members in the process.  With this team of talent, we aim to begin production on our next feature film, "Living With You", a dramedy in the style of Noah Baumbach or Greta Gerwig.  Production will begin in the fall of 2021 and will proceed into mid-2022, organized as a series of short shoots -- 21 days over the course of 6-7 months, allowing us to edit as we go and consistently evaluate footage/determine if we need to reshoot material.  The script is locked, storyboards are being drawn, and most of our core crew -- a director of photography who is an Emmy nominated news producer/camerawoman, a costume designer and production designer with extensive low budget filmmaking experience -- is in place, with casting set to begin this month.  Current operating budget for the film is $50,000; this will allow us to compensate cast and crew members and create something of quality, while also being a low enough figure to make it a low risk expenditure for an experienced investor.  Coming out a pandemic year -- a year of isolation and forced introspection -- we believe there is an audience for our story about reconciliation and personal acceptance.

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