Bud inc

Bud inc is a multi-industry company: consisting of import/export of minerals, agriculture and goods. Bud inc also develops properties and etc.

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Our partners, Aggregate Plus and I, Cliff, President of Bud inc a Wyoming Corp, are currently holding mining and minerals exporting contracts with perches orders to mine and ship 320,000 Metric-ton of limestone, per month for 6 years at $3.50 usd per metric-ton; With potential income from 320,000 metric ton x $3.50 per metric ton = $1,120,000

3 times per month, 3 ships per month, total: $10,080,000 per month. We are seeking funding to acquire a doc, equipment, trucks and operations capital for the first 3 months.

Certificate of Title - Jamaica

Lease to Purchase


American Income Life - Insurance Company


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Bud inc is no longer seeking funding.