BuckWylde Enterprize

Raising 150k to start and build my personal lifestyle brand. Energy drink/ supplements/ apparel

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I’m looking to raise funds for a lifestyle brand that I came up with a few years ago and it’s a life I live and am very passionate about. There is competition but I believe my ideas will stand out in this niche. The money I raise will be going to making a prototype of my energy drink, production marketing and distribution. Also I’ll be putting money towards  the workout and health  supplements which I’ve already got started on. And I’m also looking to put money towards an apparel line for the same brand. I made some last year and sold out of it all. My brand is a niche brand and I will be targeting the hunting/fishing industry and avid outdoorsmen and women. I do have a website and online store I’m setting up which is under construction right now and almost done.  And I do have a Facebook, Instagram and YouTube channel for my brand. 

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BuckWylde Enterprize is no longer seeking funding.