broken spoke eatery

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We are  a 5,000 square foot Banquet Hall,  American restaurant Tavern and music venue. We are located on six parklake acres right on the Illinois Wisconsin border  I opened on September 15th of 2020 right at the start of covid even though they were closing other places down we managed to build a staff of 20 plus and were able to gross over 1 million our first fiscal year. Due to several factors. 1 the economy, labor shortages and rise in food costs are just some of the uphill battles we have had to fight as a result we are struggling with our day-to-day cash flow and having issues making payroll. We are almost out of our winter months which are our slow months because we lose our outdoor music venue portion of the business. We are currently approved for 115,000 in ERC grants they have been filed and approved and we are just waiting for the checks from the IRS. But that could take anywhere from two weeks to two months and we will not be able to weather payroll  and any other day-to-day unexpected expenditures that arise I am asking  to be funded in the amount of $50,000 in an effort to be able to keep our full staff and satisfy our vendors this is expected to be a short-term loan of no more than  30 days . At which point the 50,000 would be fully repaid and would include eight thousand US Dollars interest  for a total payback of 58,000. Our position is dire and we must move  quickly which eliminates our ability to traditionally fund through a bank our time frame is within the next 24 hours to  fund if not we will  rescind our request for funding.

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