HLC Custom Processing LLC

Great Opportunity, in the US Meat processing industry, Potential 1.2 million a year gross income!

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A USDA meat processing facility with a full-scale meat market in West Texas. Opened 09/2021 
 I have been in the Ranching/Farming business since 1977. 
The United States Department of Agriculture is making a big push for small processing facility's such as ours with Grants, Loan Guarantees and many other federal programs.
We have a grant writer and economist available to help with the USDA offerings when they become available. 
From opening in September 2021, we have been producing between 60K and 80K a month gross with the next 6 months projected to be 100K a month.
We have a solid customer base.
The facility was built in 2021 and is one of the most modern and clean facility in Texas and surrounding states. We are needing to expand and add a more employees to increase marketing of more of the animal's saleable products. 
We plan to build a full-scale meat smoking and cooked products room as well as expanding our processing room and storage facility.
We can at that point sell retail as well as wholesale products to restaurants.
We are seeking 1.4 million, with a 5 to 7-year term, giving 25% to 30% equity in our LLC. This will pay off all debt, providing a clear title to land, building and all equipment. We can also provide monthly income to investors.
Please feel free to call me for more information.
Pete Ballew
[email protected]

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