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Next Generation Orthopedic Trauma Repair Implants, Micro-Invasive Surgical Instruments and Transformative Care

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Bridging Medical – Highly Profitable Impact Investment Opportunity
Bridging Medical Group, LLC (BMG) seeks investor engagement and seed-stage investment of up to $700,000 in our $1.3 M seed round to complete proof-of-concept and continue research and development of break-through, proprietary orthopedic trauma repair technology. See Introductory Video

BMG engages a cross discipline team of 9 practicing orthopedic/podiatric surgeons, 2 with Ph.Ds; 7 Engineers (Biomedical, Biomechanical, Mechanical, Structural, Computer), 3 with Ph.Ds; Medical device experts (Regulatory, Marketing, Business), 4 with MBAs and decades of experience bringing medical devices to market. Our team on the BMG website at

Expected Payback
This team expects to provide in excess of 30 times investment payback by delivering a highly defensible and patent protected competitive advantage for implants and surgical instruments in a $14B addressable market that is largely commoditized, and is ripe for disruption by patient outcome improvement. Please see BMG Seed Round Payback Summary

BMG seed stage round for $1.3 million is 46% invested, the balance is $700,000. 
BMG’s Conservative Estimate for Payback
Exceeds $21 Million or over 30 times the $700,000 balance of seed round investment.
BMG Addressable World Market 
Human & Animal Internal Fixation Trauma Implant, Enhancement to Joint Replacement, Instruments, Operation Support Services
2014 $7.7 Billion
2024 $14 Billion 

We have $1,001,875 of invested capital, 7 years of research, 2 patents and many more pending. With timely funding, by mid-October, we are prepared to complete proof-of-concept with live bone repair engineering data extraction (never before collected), optimize our internal fixation hardware and repair a mature equine tibia osteotomy (never before achieved) to prove that a vastly improved technology is being ushered in. See Video on Bridging Medical Science Transforming Orthopedic Trauma Care

Addressing Problems with the Current Standard of Care 
BMG has and is continuing to solve several fundamental problems and early-stage trials have shown promise in achieving THE 90-year-old unrealized goal of orthopedic surgeons to install human and animal implants, that enable the combination of (1) early weight bearing, (2) early rehabilitation exercise and (3) primary bone growth - the combination of which no existing internal and/or external fixation enables**. Further, we expect to do it with minimal, even micro-invasive surgical instruments and techniques, most of which we have invented. 
  • Thereby, BMG systems are expected to reduce or eliminate root causes of complications (pain-medication-addiction, non-union, malunion, implant failure & revisions, blood clot formation, musculoskeletal system atrophy). Atrophy, the body’s literal resorption of bone and muscle mass, is expected to be largely avoided. 
  • BMG internal micro-fixation technology engages the patient’s own primary bone healing system (as opposed to traditional implants – bone screws, plates and rods, which fail to sustain interfragmentary compression and default to secondary healing). Primary healing with early weight-bearing and rehabilitation exercise as soon after surgery as patients will tolerate it, is expected to result in 2 to 5 months shorter healing time to bone fusion. 
  • Expected is that aged people with hip or leg fractures will recover with fewer quality-of-life complications. (Using conventional implants, some aged people never recover from the atrophy and some die.) 
  • Many horses that break a long-bone (radius or tibia) will no longer need to be euthanized as the only humane option. 
Expectations are that these improvements will be differentiating, establish a new standard of care to usher in the next generation of orthopedic trauma repair. This degree of innovation is the basis of team expectations that the lion’s share of the existing orthopedic trauma device, surgical instrument and operating room support market will eventually be enhanced or replaced by BMG technology. Please download and review our pitch deck (including presenter notes and medically accurate animation of traditional secondary healing vs primary healing) at    
Under NDA, further evidence for this being transformative for orthopedics is available.  
** Note that soon after surgical installation, bone screws, cables, wires, staples and plates loosen and therefore fail to enable any component of the orthopedic goal for (1) early weight bearing, (2) early rehabilitation exercise and (3) primary bone growth. Intramedullary nails are highly invasive but may remain tight and enable (1) and (2), avoiding atrophy, but do not sustain interfragmentary compression and therefor fail to enable primary healing. External fixation (assuming surgeons retighten the external frames when they loosen) routinely enables primary healing, shortening the healing period and may enable some early weight bearing, but do not facilitate early rehabilitation exercise (it is tough to exercise in a halo frame). The result is atrophy, risk of pin track infection and about 10 times the cost. BMG’s expected ability to provide the full combination (1), (2),  and ((3) with internal fixation and BMG engineering to avoid stress shielding when it is no longer needed, is a game changer in orthopedics. 
All of the above has yet to be proven. How good our patent protection will fare against a competitive reaction has yet to be tested. 

Our research has resulted in 3 medical-biology breakthroughs, and many engineering (material science and physics) breakthroughs that we can describe under NDA. 
  • Our advanced instrumentation custom fits hardware to patient fracture and implant placement, enabling micro-invasive techniques – avoiding open surgery. 
  • Benefits available from early rehabilitation exercise (enabled by interfragmentary stabilization with dynamic compression enhanced implants), motivate the behavior. 
  • Root-cause cost-reduction will accrue from largely eliminating atrophy with substantially reduced need for rehabilitation – post bone fusion, substantially reduced pain, revision surgery, blood clots. 
  • In developing nations, patients may not be able to afford severe (especially high-energy) fracture repair. Such fractures can be debilitating, eliminating or substantially reducing the patient’s ability to support a family, impacting generations. This team is committed and experienced in the application of Lean methods to substantially reduce costs and measuring the results.  
A Few Testimonials
Dr. Cameron Field, DPM, Practicing Double Board-Certified Surgeon, Foot Surgery & Reconstructive Rearfoot/Ankle Surgery
Chief of Podiatric Surgical Service, Rocky Mountain Regional VA Medical Center, Eastern Colorado Healthcare System, Completed 5000+ surgeries, trauma, sports medicine, and diabetic limb preservation, BMG Chief Medical Officer, Co-Founder, Co-Inventor, Investor
Recent Quote: “Early weight bearing and rehabilitation exercises while also allowing for primary bone healing has long been a goal for orthopedic surgeons. This was the vision of the original AO Foundation when it was established in 1958. However, at that time, the technology and understanding of bone healing was in its infancy. Since then, the concept of orthopedic implants has largely remained unchanged. BMG is the first company expected to fully achieve, and surpass, the original vision of the AO Foundation. This goal can be achieved via a dynamic sustained interfragmentary bone compression mechanism. Early stage trials have shown promise in achieving this goal with minimal invasive techniques. It is anticipated that BMG will usher in the next generation of orthopedic trauma repair.

Dr. Janik C. Gasiorowski, VMD, DACVS, Mid-Atlantic Equine Medical Center Owner/Operator, Head of Surgery - Numerous peer reviewed publications (several more in progress), published book chapters, & awards for surgery and scholarship. AOVET faculty teaching peers equine orthopedic surgery, BMG Medical Board & Investigator
Recent Quote: “Stability is comfort and, due to the threat of support limb laminitis, comfort is survival in fracture repair in the horse. Comfort comes from sustained compression. Technological innovations by BMG will offer sustained compression and survival where current instrumentation does not.

Christian Haller, MSME, CEO & Founder RavenOye Strategic Advisory Accelerating High Potential Transformative Technologies, Successfully developed >100 medical devices, as a principal / board member for medical device startups. Extensive experience as an executive, manager, and consultant, leading/managed projects in the US Europe, Asia, North & South America, & Israel. Chairman of BMG Board.
Recent Quote: “I have been working in the MedTech space for 36 years, primarily focusing on early-stage medical device startups. I was the creator of the AdvaMed Entrepreneurs Bootcamp, which has since been presented in over a dozen countries including the US, Japan, South Korea, Finland, Germany, Israel, UK, Argentina. I find the Bridging Medical technology to be one of the most technologically advanced I have come across, led by an extraordinary group of highly qualified and successful individuals.

Robert M. Patty, Ph.D, PE, MBA, BMG President, Cofounder, Investor
Former executive VP operations and Sr. Project Manager for heavy industrial plant engineering and delivery. Presently elected to lead the team, the president’s expertise is structural engineering and technological innovation by focused alignment of widely diversified discipline experts applying the principles he has practiced in the US, Canada, Saudi Arabia, India, Venezuela, Indonesia, and Nigeria, often with multi-billion-dollar teams and published.  Led many multidisciplinary project teams securing schedule/saving $millions. Primary inventor.
[email protected]
Cell 325-261-2874

Richard Belnap, BA, BMG VP Marketing and Sales – Cofounder
Awarded Chief Resident, Chief of Staff, President’s Pinnacle club during 15 years of sales,  marketing and development pull-through plans for Johnson and Johnson, Bristol-Myers Squibb, Astellas, ALZA & Sandoz. Manager of medical/surgical department.
[email protected] 
Cell 801 380-2376

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