Brennan Repair and Paint

Getting money to make some much needed expansions and upgrades to maximize production and efficiency and superior quality work.

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My business was a automotive collision repair business that was going under due to poor management.I bought it almost 2 years ago with the cash I managed to scrape up,I minimalized as much as I could to lower cost and I've been working with what I have to get its feet back under it.I have have been a one man operation  all along as my current workspace is small enough it would be nearl  impossible to get full potential out of an employee.I have worked in the collision repair world for almost 5 years now 2 1/2 as an employee,2 as self employed.People like my work,I am always booked two months out,but I'm a small shop and I feel that it's time to start advancing and expanding to improve production and efficiency as I feel I could at least double production, but to do so is going to require some costly changes. 

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