Breathe Deep Hyperbaric and IV Center

Funding Breathe Deep Hyperbaric and IV Center.

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Breathe Deep Hyperbaric and IV Center. Feel better here. This will be a place to come to receive Mild Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy. The staff will be fully trained in all safety procedures and health contraindications. The chambers will be above market standard, as they have 10L O2 output instead of the usual 5L. They also have: de-humidifiers, negative ion producers and personal air conditioning systems for maximum comfort. For maximum safety there will be a walkie talkie system as well as, in-chamber, video monitoring both recorded and live fed to the receptionist.  Total cost of the chambers and equipment is just about $38,200. The oporational costs for the first two years should be less than $71,600 for a round total of $109,800 first two years total cost.  This center is to better the mental and physical heath and well being of those served. It is to be a place of well being, for those who need help.  The goal is to offer quality affordable alternative healthcare to my community.

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