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Raising 2 million USD to build world's largest breathwork platform

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Breath Hub is a guided breathwork app.

For people who want to practice breath work and achieve sustainable health and wellbeing and do not want to go through the process of trying to find a breath worker or pay thousands of dollars to a session, Breath Hub is an app that can easily be accessed from anywhere, any time, with a much lower price. Unlike other wellness apps, we focus specifically on breathwork. 

With our app, you can heal or ease more than 200 breathing related symptoms, stay healthy and well well by learning and practicing breathwork everyday, get your breathing analysed and begin a customized breathing journey. We have over 800 sessions and courses you can choose from and more than 300 experts in our team you can connect with. 

We help people live better, by breathing better. 

Millions of people are suffering from breathing related issues.

There are more than 200 medically well known symptoms of bad breathing habits. Anxiety, panic attack, attention deficit problems, neck pain, shoulder pain, body pain, migraine, headaches, depression are only some of them 

Most of these symptoms remain unsolved because they are attributed to other causes.

Most people do not have access to breathwork practices.

And if they do, it is either very limited, to one or two techniques or very expensive.

As Breath Hub, we are offering a solution.

We beleive breathwork should not be a luxury. With Breath Hub,  everybody can have access to hundreds of techniques.

We are the first platform of its kind, offering hundreds of techniques for the lowest costs possible, teaching people how to practice breathwork.

Our users can ease or heal most of these symptoms, have better health, better fitness, better appearance, better sleep and better mindfulness by practicing breathwork with Breath Hub daily and by starting a customized journey after they get their breath analysed, with our unique algorithm.

I founded Breath Hub a year and a half ago but my journey with breathwork started 25 years ago.

I am a well known authority in Breathing Sciences field the founder president of Breath Coaching Federation, vice president at The Graduate School of Behavioral Health Sciences and faculty member at Breathing Sciences School.

I founded my first company in 2002. Over 40.000 people joined our courses, workshops, seminars and webinars. We certified more than 2000 breath workers from all around the world.

I have worked with companies like HSBC, Pfizer, ING Bank, Vodafone, Siemens and been featured in newspapers, magazines, tv and radios like BBC, CNN, FOX TV, FORBES magazine.

My mission right from the start was very clear: to introduce and teach breathwork to hundreds of millions of people. And  few years ago, I started thinking to myself, there has to be a better business model, a more scalable one than organizing retreats and workshops, to fulfill my mission and get everyone practice breathwork. 

That is why I founded Breath Hub, with a very experienced diverse team, my two co-founders, our content, development and sales team.

We have a subscription based bussiness model.

We are inside the growing  health and wellness economy, with an estimated size of 7 trillion USD by 2025. Inside that market, we are in the digital health and wellbeing market, which is going to ba a 40 billion market by 2025.

During our beta tests we have reached over 280.000 users. 40.000 of them started trial and we now have over 5000 active subscribers paying us every month, half of which are on annual plans.

Our 90-day retention is at 43% which proves that we have product market fit.

Our revenues passed 200.000 USD and we have managed to decrease our acquisition costs by 15x, even below the LTV in some markets and we are ready to scale.

We are raising 2 million USD, we will keep on creating new content in multiple languages (French and Spanish as well as English)  engaging ad campaigns to reach 10 million installs, 35K paying subscribers and generate 2 million dollars in ARR, build a B2B sales team and sell our corporate packages and generate 1 million dollars ARR. This is going to be a milestone for us and we will be raising 5 million USD in series A right after this round to keep on growing even faster.

thank you
Nevsah Karamehmet

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