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Raising $1M to create the newest holiday tradition and share the untold origin story of Santa’s elves, delivered in a package as novel as the gifts left under Christmas trees.

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BreakAway Entertainment is a small Utah based entertainment production company looking to continue its recent growth. With multiple projects in development, we are looking for capital to continue producing high quality media projects.

After recently producing the feature film MISSION STORIES, and a second feature film BLESS-ED (set to hit theaters this Fall), BreakAway Entertainment has begun development on a project explaining the origin story of Santa's elves.

The Orphans of New Amsterdam
An Origin Story and Animated Advent Calendar
An Original Story by Jonathan Richardson & Jason Allred 

The short story is told within the construct of the Advent Calendar  (, and delivered through an app and website to mobile devices, computers and smart TVs. Twenty-six “chapters” in total– a Preface, one for each of the 25 days up to and including Christmas Day, will contain a new chapter/segment of the story, told using rich media content including illustrations, animation, narration, and music.
Each chapter will be approximately five minutes in length and progress the story to a dramatic conclusion that is a new interpretation of a common aspect of the Christmas holiday. The story integrates actual historical elements with contemporary traditions to establish a unique, relevant, and fulfilling daily holiday treat.
While the story is targeted toward children, parents will share the experience through their electronic devices. They’ll be fed small morsels to satiate their anticipation of Santa’s arrival and the big day. The objective is that children of all ages will find the story -- and the medium through which it’s delivered -- a simple and novel way to keep the holiday spirit high and perhaps learn something about their favorite holiday.

LOGLINE 1:  One orphaned boy. One Christmas wish. And the truth behind one of the holiday’s greatest mysteries.

In 2022, total holiday retail sales were projected to have reached new highs of 942 billion U.S. dollars. projects there will be 49.3. million children 11 years old and younger in the U.S. in 2023.
According to Statista, nearly 16 million (15,983,000) households in the U.S. have children 11 years old or younger.
Canadian households with children (14 and younger):2,140,800

Australian households with young children (15 and younger): 1,608,072

 Households in UK  with at least one dependent child: 6,926,000

According to, the average U.S. parent planned to spend $276 on each child under 18 in 2021. And a and Today survey of mothers had similar results, estimating the average Christmas spending per child in 2021 was $271

According to the National Retail Foundation, holiday results top the $889.3 billion spent during the 2021 holiday season and compare with NRF’s forecast that 2022 holiday retail sales would increase between 6% and 8% over 2021 to between $942.6 billion and $960.4 billion. The 2022 growth compares with 4.9% average holiday sales growth over the previous 10 years.
You’ve heard of Santa’s elves, maybe you’ve even seen them in films, books, or on television (or maybe on a shelf). But what do you really know about them? 
This Christmas, families across the US, Canada, the UK, and Australia will be introduced to the newest holiday tradition, when they discover The Orphans of New Amsterdam, the origin story of the elves –and the history of the biggest celebration of the year. Fulfilling their perennial desire for original holiday stories and family-friendly entertainment.
Every night, from December 1st through Christmas Day, families will spend six magical minutes together following the story of young Bastiaan, a Dutch boy orphaned on his way to the New World in 1650, and the friends he makes in the orphanage in New Amsterdam. Weaving together stories and traditions from their native lands of Holland, Scandinavia, Germany, England, and others, the orphans teach us about life in colonial times and how our beloved rituals came to be. They also reveal how their Christmas wish for a family changed history—how Santa adopted them as his own, taking them back to the North Pole to live their childhoods forevermore, and become the very first elves.
The story The Orphans of New Amsterdam will be available for families to purchase for $15.00-$20.00* through a website or mobile application and watch via their electronic devices or smart TVs immediately. Leveraging the popular Advent Calendar concept, though with a twist, families will enjoy a short, animated, and narrated holiday treat as they anticipate the arrival of the big day . . . one day at a time by watching 26 individual, 6-minute episodes. A novel and accessible approach to delivering holiday content—and a story that’s never been until now.
  • Target release date: November 1, 2023
  • Target audience: The estimated 26 million families in the US, Canada, UK, and Australia with younger children
  • Investment requested: US $1m to complete production and for promotion
  • Script is complete and artwork in development 
*Up to 10 percent of proceeds will be given to organizations supporting foster children and adoption services.

With a proposed price point of $20.00 per website access for the story, and a conservative estimate of 250,000 households purchasing, revenue would return $5,000,000.00 this first year. The price point allows for 10% to be donated to charities supporting foster kid and adoption services. Bringing the actual gross to $4,500,000.00. The proposal would include a return of %110 of invested funds to the investor while still allowing for operating costs, with a perpetual split of 50% to investor and 50% to BreakAway Entertainment of revenue from sales of this advent calendar approach.

It is estimated more than 16 million Advent calendars and about nine million selection boxes were sold in the UK in 2019 - bbc uk

The story is already written in the chapter segments of the advent calendar. We have a website landing page already:

We are moving forward with a goal to hit market by Nov 1, 2023. 

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