Break & Brews Taphouse

High-end English entertainment billiard pub with low costs.

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We are incredibly well positioned to seize this remarkable opportunity and invite private investors to join us on this exciting journey of expansion. The level of interest we have received from silent investors is truly exceptional, a clear testament to the undeniable potential of our English Billiard Pub in this high-density area Cedar Park/Leander suburbs.Our strategic location in a burgeoning area with a substantial professional population and a thriving community of young as well as senior professionals within a 3-mile radius provides us with an immensely lucrative target demographic. In fact, over 41% of the population in our area falls within our desired age range of 21 to 55. Our impressive  marketing strategy in establishing our brand as the ultimate destination for trendy entertainment and recreation.By securing funds from visionary investors like yourself, we can scale our business to new heights. Our plans include the development of additional locations strategically positioned for maximum impact, the launch of our own proprietary label, an expansion of our captivating beer garden and entertainment space, and a significant boost to our marketing efforts. With steady demand in the market, proven success, and a clear roadmap for rapid expansion, this presents an ideal opportunity for investors seeking substantial returns and a chance to be part of a groundbreaking concept from the very beginning.What truly sets us apart is our exceptional leadership team, boasting  over 27 years in the bar, pub, nightclubs and brewery industry. Our impeccably trained staff will be dedicated to delivering the highest quality drinks and an unforgettable customer experience. Break & Brews was born out of the passion of industry professionals who share an unwavering commitment to craft beer, quality billiards, and the creation of an unparalleled customer journey.

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