BRB Logistics & Courier Service, LLC

Raising 100k-200k to purchase existing FedEx line haul business

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I’m looking to raise capital to purchase an existing FedEx linehaul business based out of Greensboro, NC. I will become an independent contractor/owner supporting the e-commerce business infrastructure. There are two linehaul operations for sale in this market one with a total revenue of $682,408 annually 
and a second with a total revenue of $523,452. Net operating income for territory one is $69,789.00 the fleet has two vehicles valued at $100,000. Territory two has a net operating income of $85,706 with a fleet value of $70,000.00.  These are ideal beginning opportunities for a new business owner wanting to get into this market. I love transportation and logistics, it has been something I have 17yrs of experience in and I want to use my knowledge and passion to service customers with the emphasis on exceptional customer service and quality delivery. 

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