Brainy Bugzzz

Brainy Bugzzz is an educational, entertaining and engaging children's' series: TV series, interactive book series and interactive app.

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A lifelong eagerness for learning starts early, and Brainy Bugzzz can be an important, fun and educational journey for your child. Click on or copy and paste the link below and please enjoy our PILOT 'The Moon In June", just one of our many stories: 

               (***Movie starts playing at sec. 60 ).

What are Brainy Bugzzz? 
Brainy Bugzzz:  education plus entertainment. EDUTAINMENT. 

A series of fun, rhyming, short stories for children from the ages of three to ten. The stories entertain, while teaching  about their children’s favorite subjects and introducing them to new ones. Each story follows one of our four friendly hero characters:
Trevor the Travel Bug, 
 Spark the Space Bug,
 Walter the Water Bug,
Clover the Clever Bug,
as their curious natures lands them in someone’s backpack, pocket, or other
 unfortunate places. Our young audiences / readers bond with these characters as they go off on a new adventure together! Facts and clues about chosen subjects will let your children take an interesting, informative, and imaginary journey and still make it home before bed time.
Our aim is to engage and entertain, while introducing subjects and situations the children might encounter in kindergarten, school, and beyond.
By incorporating information with delightful storytelling, we are committed to providing a fun environment that is both entertaining and educational.
It is highly important to us that we expose children to diversity and equality by creating characters of different colors, shapes and sizes. Our hope is to make the diversity of the world become invisible in their young minds. 
Due to the unfortunate circumstances of the global pandemic to educate in a 
Covid-19 environment, most learning and socializing has been online, where most children are “overdosing” on media devices all from the comforts of home.  This is where Brainy Bugzzz World comes in.  We are the solution to the guilt and frustration parents share regarding mindless digital content.  We offer smart and engaging entertainment a few forms:
-       TV show, (please see our pilot: “The Moon In June”)
-        interactive paperback books ( samples available upon request) 
-        interactive e-books app, that has been heavily requested by parents (sample available upon request)
In the world of Brainy Bugzzz we offer something for everybody. In our four exciting genres our audience / readers will learn new fun facts and words, as well as how to tackle tricky situations while embarking on an exciting journey with one of our leading characters. 
- ASTRONOMY; we follow Spark the Space Bug as she embarks on many, exciting adventures out in space.  They will discover and learn fun facts about planets, stars, our solar system and outer space. 
- GEOGRAPHY; we follow Trevor the Travel Bug as he discovers continents and countries, their cultures, traditions and day-to-day life. Fun facts, clues and cultural landmarks are revealed throughout each story. At the end, the continent, country or city is revealed and clearly shown on the map of the world. 
- MARINE LIFE; Walter the Water Bug takes us along on underwater adventures. Fun facts and clues are given away throughout the story and at the end the audience / readers will guess what mysterious animal we have been ‘chasing’. 
- ANTI-BULLYING / PROBLEM SOLVING; Clover the Clever Bug finds himself helping / assisting new friends solve a ‘tricky’ situation. 
We have an entire season ONE ready for production, print and app. That is four episodes in each genre, four genres, 16 stories total.  Additionally, we have many more written stories for further seasons and this collection keeps growing fast.  
The forecast for the amount of episodes in each genre is, for a lack of a better word, endless. For example, in our GEOGRAPHY genre, the stories start at the ‘beginning’: learning about our seven continents. Then we move on to countries: there are almost two hundred countries in the world. Each country is important and each will have a story. Then we move on to cities, towns and most famous landmarks, etc. 
We also have a story for each planet, underwater creature and each kid that might be facing some kind of trouble or challenge at school. We will provide an educational and entertaining story for them all.
Apart from that, Brainy Bugzzz also provides fun merchandise. 
We have a BUG-pack; a backpack in the shape of your favorite character. 
Inside, you will find a BUG-snack; (a snack box), as well as a BUG-mug, (a drink cup). 
Thank you for your time and we hope you will enjoy discovering Brainy Bugzzz. 
For more information please contact us. 
A detailed Pitch Deck is available upon request.  

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