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Raising pre-seed post-money SAFE of $500,000 because Boxes transforms email into what it should have been all along.

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For 30 years, email has been a single address with all your messages funneled into one box.

Boxes gives you unlimited, auto-created email addresses so you can establish one-to-one relationships between your services (or projects, customers, family) with the email address you use: [email protected], Hilton@, TikTok@, UncleCharlie@. 

Not only does Boxes give you fine-tuned control, your messages are all separated automatically with no difficult rules to create. You can find all messages to/from a specific service in 2 clicks.

And if your email gets compromised, you know who did it because it's coming into a specific box. Unsubscribing rarely works, but with Boxes you can just delete the inbox (email address) from the system without compromising the rest of your email. is in beta with live PAYING customers with a launch set to for October 2022.

Currently a B2C play focused at Entrepreneurs and Service Contractors but Q1 2023 we will release our B2B play for 1-10 employees where each employee has their own boxes account that are subdomains from the corporate domain. And boxes can be shared between employees when needed.

We just pitched at Venture West 2022.  Please watch this 3 MINUTE PITCH video:

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(where you can read the SAFE instrument and even electronically sign when ready)  

Boxes - Email Evolved.

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