Bringing the "social" back to "social networks"

Facebook Twitter LinkedIn's goal is to engage users to take their social networks offline and in person by providing a platform for users share where they planning on going, and allowing friends to join.  Creating a "bounce" is as simple as entering a place and time (could be an actual venue, or freeform like "I'm" or "I'm[email protected]&King-St"), and users within your social networks will be able to login to see the event time, join the event, see when others are showing up, share pictures amongst the group after the event, and ask friends from the group to order them something before they arrive.   As the economic effects of COVID-19  start improving, it will be especially important to help small businesses recover by encouraging people to start going out again and engaging with their community.  Here's a brief video of how it works:

With this model, there are many opportunities for revenue.  As the platform grows, venues can subscribe to our data, allowing them to plan for groups attending or create automatic reservations, suggest better times to arrive, offer them deals for larger groups, and advertise to users planning on going to competing venues.  The platform can also be used to market sports events, concerts, theatre, etc, eventually allowing users to book tickets through the platform to join their friends at the event. was originally started as a fun, part-time, side project with no funding, but today there still isn't another platform that properly fills this niche, and the opportunities in 6 months to a year post-COVID could cause usage to skyrocket.

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