Blue Life Sosua, Dominican Republic

Luxury Condominium Building in the Caribbean

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  • Luxury Condominium in the Beach Town of Sosua, Currently built 38 Units, 8 Units being rented while 30 are still in Grey and incomplete.  The external of the property including 
  • Pools and Bar and Restaurant are built along with 7 units.  
  •   The Dominican Republic’s (DR’s) real estate property market is growing fast due to robust tourism growth and the arrival at luxury, international and boutique hotels and condos. The number of non-resident stay-over tourists

  • have increased by 8.8% in 2023 to reach almost 7.2 million, creating huge

  • demand for luxury condos and apartments

  •   Sosua is one of the most sort after locations in the Dominican Republic due to

  • the perfect nightlife - bars, clubs, and casinos. Therefore, many successful condos and villas have been built recently in the area. In addition, tourists are looking for condos that give them the opportunity to have mesmerizing views of the island and a building with rooftop terrace with amazing views of the ocean will be the answer for them

  • The surge in foreign property investors has been pushing prices up by an average of 10% every year, according to local real estate experts. Currently, prices for residential properties with an ocean view typically start at about

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US$140,000 while beachfront properties start as low as US$210,000. This

highlights the surging demand of real estate properties in the Dominica Republic


The volume of luxury property transactions has increased by around 10% last year and is expected to grow at the same CAGR for the next five years

The first quarter of 2022 has reported a 7.7% tourists’ growth on record. The Dominican government has set a goal to reach 10 million annual visitors by 2023. To support this growth, the state is working on the construction of new

accommodation facilities. Between 2020 and 2023, approximately 18,000 new

hotel rooms will be opened in the country
Prices for apartments and hotel-style developments are rising more quickly

than those for houses. A condo on the oceanfront in one of the major cities

might run at about $180,000, while properties in the hotel-style developments

are more likely to run at about $250,000


Seeking 1 million dollars to complete 30 units

Offering  20%  yearly returns on investment with minimum investment of  $25,000

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