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Unleashing the "Power of Provenance™

In today’s hyper-accelerated world, it has become more important than ever to track high value assets. Time is money, and knowing where your assets are, getting them onsite, installed, and regularly maintained reduces down time, storage costs, and lost revenue.

“The industries' ability to collect data has exceeded its ability to comprehend it.” – Dr. David Bishop

The Problem
Logistics processes are uniquely complex yet well-controlled within the four walls of the originating warehouse.  However, once product ships, the control disappears.  With numerous variables and multiple distribution channels in play, shipping services are wrought with schedule changes, delays, errors, damages, and miscommunications.  For the restaurant equipment industry, as well as many other sectors, and their customers, the shortcomings of logistics solutions are significant, and expensive.  The paper trail that exists is woefully insufficient.  Executed by truckers and restaurant workers, the paperwork is often inaccurate, incomplete, and consequently, rendered non-auditable.  With no means to generate digital documentation, obtaining a simple status update may take hours or even days,  disrupting commerce, adding unplanned expense, and negatively impacting opportunity cost.

The Solution 
Until now, the solution needed was literally impossible outside of the four walls of the manufacturer's warehouse.  “Blockchain FOB” has developed a blockchain-based system which will allow their clients to gain transparency of products after they leave the manufacturing plant while providing high-value “cradle to grave” product life-cycle data to the manufacturer.  The Blockchain FOB LifeCycle Asset Tracker platform augments the manufacturer’s existing warehouse tracking and accounting systems enabling documentation and tracking of equipment assets, locating and tracking of drivers, tractors, and trailers transporting the products, including shipping steps at distribution centers, secondary temporary warehousing, as well as service providers, uncrate and place installers, and Authorized Service Agents assigned as part of the execution requirements thus following the product status all the way to final use locations and beyond.

Asset Management, Simplified
Full Provenance
Know the complete ownership and placement history of your assets, including where they’ve been and where they are in real time.
Complete Service History
Our application provides detailed service and maintenance history on all of your assets, including who, what, when, where, and how much!

 Detailed Analytics and Business Intelligence
BlockchainFOB’s analytics engine provides business leaders with the monitors and gauges to make informed decisions to reduce costs and increase efficiencies.

Why BFOB’s solution is important: Provides E2E disposition, provenance, and tracking for special assets.
•High Value Assets = Expensive assets are an investment, that owners need to preserve and protect for long periods of time.  
•Long Life Cycles =These assets often go thru many owners, locations, repair and maintenance cycles.  The true history and age of these assets is often lost to time – dramatically reducing their resale value and increasing liability for the owner.
•Fragmented Distribution Networks = Most of these assets aren’t sold from manufacturer to user, rather they travel a vast network of distributors and dealers that tack on added costs and services on the way – this added cost often goes into the thousands.
•Compliance/Regulatory Needs  = Medical, Construction, Restaurant, and other high value/long life equipment frequently have maintenance and compliance schedules that must be documented for long periods as owners and circumstances change.

Current development plans include integration with national service providers (for owner’s KPI’s and analytics) & Matterport (for virtual location mapping of current assets) to complete asset tracking offering for QSR and Fast-Casual systems of any size. Additionally, our app data mines information from the blockchain to produce best in class business intelligence that can be found nowhere else in the industry.

Our product is built and functioning. We want to host a demonstration for you to see our application in action. Furthermore, we can provide a pitch deck that can further detail our solution and technology.

Blockchain FOB Founders
Dr. David Bishop =
Technologist, consultant, researcher, entrepreneur, inventor, author and instructor with 28 years of experience.
Shane Neighbors = Enterprise computer engineer & systems architect with 25 years of experience.
Jeff Tyler = Serial entrepreneur, 11 startups and exits, extensive M&A experience, turnarounds & Private Equity background.
Charles Mason III = Founder of 3 startups, networker, trusted advisor, and a sales & operations leader with 30 years of experience.

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