Raising $200K to Secure actor Tyrese contract for upcoming Thriller series

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First off, I hope this message reaches you in a positive light.

I'd like to introduce myself. My name is Darwin. I am an Executive Producer in television and Film. I am currently working on the upcoming Goonies 2 Film and the new 300 re-boot.
I'm reaching out to you in regard to finding some funding for an upcoming post-apocalyptic streaming series that will be taken to the streaming platforms such as Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime Movies, etc.

We are looking for funding to film the pilot series that is already completely put together. Scenes, timeframe to record, actors, etc are all in place.  We currently have gap funding by monetizing our tax credits. At this time we are looking to secure Tyrese Gibson, a well-known actor, to a pay-or-play contract for $200K. Once he is secured we can proceed with equity funding through any of the major studios. We are ok with finding a traditional type of funding, but would much rather be interested in finding an equity partner that sees the awesome potential of this project to be a great film series chart-topper. The profit potential for this is quite extreme which is why it's a diamond in the rough for any investor.

So the question I would first like to ask you is, being a successful venture capitalist such as yourself, have you ever thought of being an integral part of a film project becoming a reality and even a top film series hit??  Is this an industry that you now might find yourself wanting to add to your extensive list of industries you've already helped strengthen with your funding expertise?

One of the celebrities that are interested in being in this film series is Tyrese Gibson (we all know plenty of his movie credits, the entire Fast and the Furious franchise collection to be one). He is a "pay-to-play" actor so in order to get him aboard for all the episodes, it requires him to be locked in with payment upfront for his signed contract. The other actors who are already onboard and have signed Letters Of Intent are the other main co-star Alexis Louder (Terminal List, Tomorrow War, Black Panther, Copshop, Watchmen TV Series, and much more), Daniel C. Kennedy (Squid Game, Space Sweepers, and much more), and Tobit Raphael Capati (The Internship with Owen Wilson & Vince Vaughn, plus some smaller films). **Commitment proof for these actors can be submitted.

We have also locked in Archstone Entertainment, which is a Globally leading sales and distribution company that will be handling the sales and distribution to not only the US market but internationally as well. **Their Letter of Intent can be submitted.


So, I'll leave you with one last question, How great would you feel being the deciding factor of a hit series coming to fruition and hitting the top of the charts on multiple streaming platforms and knowing it couldn't have happened without you seeing the producers creative vision in making this hit film series a reality.........AND, at the same time, make a great passive ROI for the life of the film??

If this seems like something you would even slightly be interested in hearing more about, I would be more than happy to get on a zoom call to formally meet you and discuss this possible equity partnership in much greater detail. 

I look forward to your response and possible interest in this SOON-TO-BE hit film series!

Best Regards,

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