Blake Group 1- Apartment Construction- Dominican Republic

Raising $280K Construction Apartment in Dominican Republic

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Blake Group 1 LLC is a real estate company based in Atlanta, Georgia. Blake Group proposes to construct a set of an apartment buildings near the Guayacana beach for pre-sailing and shortterm rental. Our project will be on the street across the beach. We are particularly focused on providing quality hospitality services, exceptional comfort, and easy visibility to our clients. With the new streets paved in brick, new buildings along the beach for vendors, free Wi-Fi, a new ramp for boat entrance, and total renovation of the area to model the Punta Cana area, we are 100% certain that our business is going to flourish in the city. We envision turning the constructed property into apartments for sale and short-term rent with good maintenance of the properties so that their useful lifespan is increased as assets.  

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