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Blair Allen is developing an intelligent software platform to help mortgage firms and their loan officers (MLOs) improve their customer connections, conversions, and interactions.

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About Us:  Established in 2018, Blair Allen is developing an intelligent software platform called BA Connect™ to help mortgage firms and their loan officers (MLOs) improve their connections, conversions, and interactions with their clients and real estate partners. 
Our Mission: Our ambition is to attentively hear what customers and their mortgage clients require so we can formulate new and creative methods and resolutions to make them more efficient and productive. 
Our Goal:  Blair Allen’s goal is to become the foremost provider of software and managed services for the mortgage industry, with a focus on improving the sales and marketing process at the start of the funnel. This will be achieved by providing modern tools, advanced automations, and valuable intelligence.

Mortgage Marketplace:   The mortgage industry is undergoing an overhaul as a result of digital transformation, due to the integration of digital technologies. This is enhancing the experience for customers and delivering higher ROI for lenders and more profit for the mortgage brokers. The U.S. housing market has seen unprecedented growth in 2021, with a total of $4.4 trillion in mortgage originations.  Fannie Mae’s home sales are expected to rise to 4.57 million units in 2023 and then rebound to 5.24 million units in 2024. The company expects economic growth and mortgage rates to stabilize. 

Mortgage and home loan demand has been volatile, and this has caused staffing struggles for mortgage companies. The Mortgage Bankers Association in 2022 predicted loan originations will drop by 33% over the next year, equaling out to $2.59 trillion and could possibly fall to $2.53 trillion in 2023. This has therefore caused numerous businesses to cut down on their staff, which is a pattern that has been recognized by industry specialists. Nonetheless, firms can't manage to reduce capacity completely. It is expected that more mortgage companies will invest more money into automating and technological tools that can manage a surge in demand without the need to hire extra staff.

Marketplace Snapshot:

• In 2023 there are 15,977 mortgage broker businesses and 340,170 licensed mortgage originators in the United States alone. 
• In 2021 the mortgage industry allocated 1.3 billion U.S. dollars for advertising purposes.  
• 14% of the United States GDP is derived from the housing industry 
• There will be more investments into digital  automation technologies in the future.

Mortgage Ecosystem Current Challenges:
The real estate market has had far more progressions in technology than the mortgage sector, leaving it outdated and lagging. This has meant that the digital age has yet to revolutionize the mortgage sphere. Consequently, consumers are generally steered towards real estate agents instead of mortgage specialists, making the mortgage person less significant. It is now essential for the mortgage industry to transition from classic advertising approaches to more up-to-date digital methods. 
Because of the absence of mortgage technology, mortgage companies and their MLO's are confronted with issues concerning the top end of the funnel, comprising of their websites, SEO, the production and sharing of relevant and individualized content, social media administration, and general advertising. Those in the mortgage industry are not marketers, but rather professional advisors in helping people on their loan journey. They are compelled to use a range of unconnected tools across the sales and marketing funnel. This results in a disruption in lead and customer data, causing ineffectiveness, delays, and ultimately lower profits for the individual MLO. 
To successfully carry out a small business in the present-day market, both excellent technology and human resources are needed. Unfortunately, most mortgage companies do not have the financial capacity to hire a full-time Chief Marketing Officer, copywriter, IT staff, content marketing team, SEO specialists, and Ads  team. 
With diminishing returns on investments and heightened demands from clients who anticipate a seamless and outstanding purchasing experience, mortgage companies will have to opt for more integrated tech solutions and managed services to be able to stay competitive in today's market.

 Mortgage Ecosystem Opportunities:

Most of the mortgage sector's investments in technology and its shift towards digital automation are assumed to be centered on solutions which can enhance the initial step of the mortgage process, by connecting it to the customer relations management and then to the loan origination systems. Mortgage experts are in search of a comprehensive tech pipeline that can cover the entire sales and marketing cycle. 
According to a 2020 survey conducted by Freddie Mac, 81% of mortgage lenders are energetically investing in digital transformation. Fannie Mae also identified that close to 50% of mortgage lenders are devoting substantial effort to modernizing their front- and back-end operations. Moreover, 91% of lenders are certain that their work will be significantly changed by the introduction of digitization within the next few years. Predictions suggest that by 2025, 63% of mortgage companies should be able to manage the whole borrowing process digitally. 
Nearly all lenders (99%) concur that technology can facilitate the mortgage application procedure, with advantages like streamlining the entire process (74%), shortening the time to close (70%) and decreasing the amount of data entry (67%).

 Mortgage Tech Future:

Mortgage tech involves the application of digital solutions to expedite and automate mortgage processes. This includes the utilization of technology for developing prospects, advertising, client relationship supervision, initiation and processing, assessment of risk, valuation, review, and loan closure. 
Mortgage technology is greatly aiding the process of mortgage lending and making it much easier for people to access. It is thus a critical factor in today's world. The Mortgage Tech sector is experiencing a surge in growth with numerous new mortgage startups and existing players looking to remain in front of the game by introducing novel ideas and tech. Moreover, cutting-edge developments including blockchain, AI, and machine learning are being incorporated into the market. This will result in a constant influx of new startups into the mortgage market in the coming years. 

The most proficient mortgage agents are originating loans three times faster than those who are not as successful. They also generate $3.2 million more in income a year than their counterparts who do not make use of digital technologies. Investing in technology is essential to stay competitive and productive. Those who incorporate digital tools more frequently tend to experience decreased costs per loan, shorter loan-processing times, and a rise in margins. It is important for traditional mortgage businesses and experts not to be left behind because technology is the main element for remaining competitive in the marketplace.

Introducing The Villian:
The traditional mortgage process for most consumers is daunting, costly, and unbearable.  Over the last decade, the investment world has devoted a lot of energy into devising digital alternatives for the real estate sector. These are comprised of website and lead generation programs, customer relationship management programs, and mobile friendly platforms. The investors preferred real estate over mortgages because customers usually contact real estate agents electronically before applying for a loan and real estate agents put more money into advertisements. It is evident that the mortgage industry has been overlooked. Instead of utilizing institutional funds to develop a sound and comprehensive strategy that would give substantial gains to consumers, a lot of institutional investors decided to channel their resources towards non-transaction related data solutions. 

Enters the "Hero":

Blair Allen Corporation, a boutique firm, is quickly advancing towards their objective to modernize the mortgage business. They are achieving this goal by producing software and services that make mortgage organizations more visible and not so dependent on realtor referrals, which have stayed the same for the past one hundred years. Not only are mortgage loan originators (MLO’s) seeking out new methods of obtaining direct leads, but they are also looking for better ways to communicate with their clients, real estate partners, and to make the mortgagee loan procedure quicker, more productive, and more cost-effective. 
With the onset of the 4th industrial revolution, it is high time to move the mortgage sector away from its outdated methods by providing it with a digital platform and tools that will facilitate them to discover and make their customers happy. Now is the perfect moment to arm the mortgage industry with the right resources to take the lead in giving their customers and their real estate ecosystem partners genuine value.  It’s a race to own the data.

Our Solution:
BA Connect™ is a sales and marketing solution that offers a single sign-on, which is specifically designed for the mortgage industry. It is a comprehensive solution that provides three dynamic tools that help mortgage companies and their teams to connect with customers, increase conversions, and sustain engagement. The solution is user-friendly and advanced and is considered an ideal solution for the mortgage industry. 

There are three aspects to the platform; BA Enterprise Websites, BA Content Builder & Syndication Platform, and BA Managed Services. Together these provide mortgage organizations, and their mortgage loan officers (MLO’s) with the user-friendly utilities, and managed services needed to boost customer leads, form closer connections, and expand their digital presence (more reach with less effort). Our managed services, combined with these solutions, are used to enhance the mortgage industry's ability to connect, convert and continuously engage with their customers. 

  •  Dynamic Corporate, Branch, & LO’s Multi-Website Platform: Our company specializes in the formation of interconnected Corporate, Branch(s), and MLO driven websites which automate leads and distribute omni channel content directly to their social sites, partners, and their CRM. We flow data in efficient and useful ways. 
  •  Content Builder & Syndication Platform: We are improving our AI-controlled content creator and sharing tool that will allow MLO's to select, build, and disseminate material across different networks, including their CRM, website, GMB, and social media. With a single click, they will be able to send out content to multiple channels. 
  •  Managed Services: Optimizing, syndicating, and sharing content is essential for SEO. Our range of services includes constructing Digital Ads, taking care of SEO, CRM, potential customers, crafting unique content, and handling API Connections. 

Our GTM Strategy:
Blair Allen's solutions and services have been developed with the goal of benefiting mortgage loan officers (MLOs), their real estate associates, and their clients. To start with, we are focusing on developing our Blair Allen Connect™ content builder and syndication tool, which will be white-labeled and combined with Bonzo's innovative and upcoming mortgage CRM ( 
  • About Bonzo:  They are an innovative business that is revolutionizing the mortgage sector. Making use of their sophisticated services, they are aiding more than 5,000 mortgage loan officers to cultivate relationships, amplify conversions, and maintain their customers. Blair Allen has suggested a profit-sharing agreement to Bonzo which will offer Bonzo's sales team and customer service employees another item to present the Blair Allen white-labeled solutions to their existing customers. Bonzo would oversee selling, establishing, and supplying level-1 support for Blair Allen's products. 
Blair Allen is planning to package their website features alongside the content production and distribution tool they offer, as well as managed services, to future B2B organizations. 

Proven Use-Case:
In 2018, Affiliated Mortgage, a mortgage business that had been in operation for two decades, wanted to become more tech-savvy. Back then, there were hardly any companies that offered automation solutions or services related to mortgages. The marketing strategy of Affiliated Mortgage at the time involved a flawed website, mailers, some billboards, television commercials, and referrals from real estate agents. Blair Allen was hired to give Affiliated Mortgage an online presence, and it has been successful; they are now the number one mortgage company in their region, and they are looking to branch out into new locations. 

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