BlackSmith Ventures Reg Tech Foundry

Raising to continue to build out our portfolio of innovative & emerging technologies disrupting Regulated Industries.

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We are raising up to $5 million at BlackSmith Ventures to continue to build out our portfolio of innovative & emerging technologies disrupting the Regulator Landscape impacting Land, Water, and Air compliance. Think Clean Energy, Clean Water, and Human Safety.

The BlackSmith Ventures (BSV) Foundry is operated by an authentic group of driven, ambitious & experienced leaders disrupting RegTech industries by solving Real Problems with Real Solutions inside Industries that make Real Impact.

BSV's portfolio includes patent software tech for the mining transportation industry, niche manufactured solutions for the emergency preparedness industry, and clean energy solutions for a wide range of industries.

Here are a few examples of what we've been able to accomplish in a short amount of time inside the BlackSmith Foundry (aka our Startup Studio).

AXL EYE: Took a patented SaaS software and grew it to five (5) locations and reached a ARR of $100k in less than 12 months while building out version 2 of the software.

AXL EYE: Solidified the technology stack and added QR-Permit live validation as well as instant data set transfer to 3rd party systems.

RemainSafe: Successfully navigated the 2020 supply chain dynamics at RemainSafe while transitioning the business from a purely residential focus to a commercial, community, and B2B focus. RemainSafe has quoted over 15 projects and secured 2 projects totaling over $600,000.

RemainSafe: Became the 1st storm shelter manufacturer to receive FEMA and ICC compliance to the latest codes and standards.

PSS: Quoted a $2.5+ million emission control project in less than 1-week. Lost due to expedited delivery, but solidified a supplier/customer relationship for future opportunities.

What's next?

We're continuing to build out our portfolio of innovative products and technology and focusing on becoming the voice inside niche regulated industries.  

To see more on our portfolio, team, and decks click here.

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