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Raising $300,000 to keep drones flying even after multiple motor failures with no loss of control whatsoever.

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Imagine climbing aboard an aircraft with four engines, a Boeing 747 for example. Very few people would have any worry about safety on that flight. Now imagine there is an announcement, the pilots are saying that during this flight if any engine shuts down for even one second, the airplane is guaranteed to crash! There is nothing that can be done by the pilots! How many people do you think would get off that plane? 80%? 90%? Take a moment to realize that almost every drone you have ever seen is THAT high risk!

It is very concerning that the most popular UAV platform (quadcopters) can not tolerate a single motor failure without crashing, that is unacceptable. This company is about to make UAVs a whole lot safer safer! I designed a flight control system for drones that allows them to tolerate multiple motor failures with no loss of control whatsoever. I designed and built a one of a kind prototype drone to verify that this flight control system actually works. Yes, this is not just an idea, it is a proven concept! We have operated a quadcopter without any loss of control even if any two motors have failed. I do have a patent pending for this technology, which I can capitalize on by manufacturing an integrated solution, manufacturing an add on solution for existing drones, or by licensing the technology to any other drone manufacturer that wants to make their drones safer or more reliable. This technology really needs to be integrated into normal UAS operations very quickly, it is comparable to an air bag, a seat belt, or collision avoidance in your car. 

I have built an incredible team to develop this super safe flight control system. This team is very advanced, some of our team members have already been involved with the development, launch, and operation of multiple spacecraft.  We have collectively built and maintained 75 powerful drones over the last 4 years. This team has over 35 years of relevant experience and 22 years of college education. Get acquainted with us by visiting this page

We are raising $300,000 USD to finish the development of this flight control system and get an incredible product ready for market. We will also raise an additional $1,900,000 USD to start manufacturing that product and grow to a cash flow positive state. Soon we expect to be profiting $3M-4M  every quarter, and we are projecting a profit over $57M over a 5 year period off just one incredible product. We also have several other technologies we would like to develop as a company, including construction safety devices, transportation safety devices, aircraft components, aerospace propulsion components, and tug satellites for management of orbital debris. 

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