Black Bear Cybersecurity

Raising $250K For: Minority Hiring; SaaS Development; 24 Hour Cybersecurity Operation Hub; Cybersecurity Equipment

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Company Summary:  Black Bear Cybersecurity, LLC is a Minority owned Technology company located in New York City. 

We are a Managed Security Service Provider or MSSP that offers iOS and Android APP Security Testing, Network Threat Hunting, Software Development, Continuous Monitoring, Penetration Testing, Threat Assessment and Response, Cloud Management Services and Network Architecture that is capable of performing High Priority Task or Low Level Task at a Low Cost.

Our genesis is rooted in the growing global trend of outsourcing I.T. and Cybersecurity services.

Recognizing the substantial growth projected in the I.T. and Cybersecurity outsourcing market, we aspire to claim our share of this dynamic industry. Founded by individuals with backgrounds in Business Accounting and Computer Engineering, Black Bear Cybersecurity is driven by a commitment to excellence, as evidenced by our actions in the realm of Cybersecurity.

Small and Medium size businesses and Poor Countries cannot afford the extremely high yearly Cost of running an in house I.T. Department. Black Bear Cybersecurity, LLC will take on the responsibilities of a Small Businesses in house I.T. needs at 30% less than the average yearly Market Rate. While offering and giving the same level of Quality and Dedication as IBM or Apple's Cybersecurity Department.

Sales Strategy

1) Targeted Lead Generation. Our sales strategy begins with targeted lead generation, identifying businesses within our niche markets and industries. We will utilize a combination of market research, industry databases, and networking to build a robust pipeline of potential clients interested in cybersecurity services.

2) Consultative Selling. Our sales process is centered around consultative selling. We will actively listen to our clients, understand their pain points, and collaboratively identify the most appropriate cybersecurity solutions. This client-centric approach will ensure that our services are tailored to address the specific needs and challenges faced by each business.

3) Zoom Business Info.  Offers the most comprehensive B2B data to connect Businesses and Customers. For a yearly subscription Zoom Business Info offers their SalesOS database. Zoom Info's SalesOS Database will give Black Bear Cybersecurity, LLC the direct email and phone number to thousands of Executives in every Industry. And it allows our Company to directly request a Business Meeting or Business Presentation with the President, CEO or CFO of thousands of companies.

Competitive Advantage:  Rapid Response Cybersecurity Software and Small and Medium Sized Businesses.

Small and Medium-Sized Businesses (SMEs): Our core clientele consists of SMEs lacking in-house IT resources but in need of robust cybersecurity support. This includes local establishments like check-cashing businesses, private health clinics, small banks, and local library systems. We aim to provide affordable, effective, and scalable cybersecurity solutions tailored to the unique needs of SMEs.

Our success strategy involves strategic targeting of Small and Medium-sized businesses, particularly those lacking in-house IT resources. By identifying niche markets such as local check-cashing businesses and library systems, we tailor our services to meet specific needs, fostering a focused approach that enhances market penetration and establishes a foundation for sustainable growth. 

Recognizing the financial constraints faced by small and medium-sized businesses, we also differentiate ourselves by offering cost-effective cybersecurity solutions without compromising quality. Our pricing model is designed to enhance accessibility, making high-quality cybersecurity services attainable for a broader range of clients. This strategic emphasis on affordability contributes to our competitiveness and reinforces the success of our clients.

Target Market:  Small and Medium size Businesses. Local School Districts. Small Town Banks. The Countries of Guatemala, Nicaragua and countries in Africa.

We Are A Minority Owned Enterprise And Welcome Your Guidance And Support. 

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