Raising $500k for Cannabis Adult Use Cultivation and Processing Facility

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My business is looking to get in the marijuana industry here in the State of Michigan .      Grow, process and retail to adults 21 and up.  Products such as flowers , edibles, oils, etc..  Medical and recreational use.  Providing employment to the residence in the area.  To educate the use of various ways cannabis is used in the healing and relaxation process.  Examples are, stress , pain , anxiety relief and many more benefits.  We are giving people an alternate solution for pain in place of addictive pain killers.   My company has 8 years experience of being State of Michigan caregiver.  I have team of five from different backgrounds to help with this endeavor.  We would like to be match with an investor in the cannabis market that shares our vision and wants to change the way legal cannabis is portrayed. 

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