Bird Armory

Raising $300k+ for inventory, equipment and possibly a shop!

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Although Bird Armory is in its infancy, I have obsessed with fine precision firearms since I could breathe. I grew up in the outdoors of the Pacific Northwest and spent every free moment shooting. I’m competitive by nature and earned a football scholarship. I felt the urge for something more and the urge to serve so joined the US Navy. I was able to focus  my passion for precision becoming a designated marksman, awarded “expert” rifle and pistol medals and able to put those skills to use in Operation Enduring Freedom. Point is, I know what’s required to put together a very precise and accurate rifle! 
Over the years, backcountry hunting and ultralight hunting has exploded in popularity. Lightweight gear is very expensive and out of reach for the “average Joe,” as much as $12-15k for top of the line setups.  This is where Bird Armory comes in. I put together the same quality but at 25-35% of the cost.  I want to provide the best possible firearms at a fair, reasonable and affordable price without sacrificing quality. Similarly to the brand  Kuiu. If you’re not familiar with the brand check them out but it’s an easy model to mimic as several other companies have started doing. Another example is Maven Optics. 
I know Bird Armory and a similar model to the companies mentioned will be successful I just need someone to believe in me and the product as much as I do! 

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