Biodrop App by Kalibrate Blockchain

Biodrop App can make sure we are all in the clear and we can enjoy life again. All venues can reopen using biomarkers as protocols for entry.

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A smartphone app developed by Kalibrate Blockchain who also have other products to transform the health care industry. This app will help make venues and businesses safer by daily transcription of smell, voice, and symptom biomarkers as early as 2-3 days before normal symptoms are recognized. This helps keep us all safer and slows down the spread of viruses like Coronavirus. Any venue can set its own protocols that fit its environment. This is a way to not make vaccinations mandatory. This will also help keep everyone safe as they reopen schools, airline travel, casinos, sporting events, churches, etc.

Funding will be used to further develop app and marketing.  Revenues made will be in the $200-$500 million a month based off other models working with ticketing and entry protocols. 

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