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     R. Deal Investments Company specializes in investing in startups that develop and provide medical technology solutions to the healthcare industry. Our  investment focus is on start-up companies with innovative products, services, or technologies that have the potential to disrupt the medical industry and create value for patients, healthcare providers, and other stakeholders.

      As a medical technology-focused Company, our team has a strong understanding of the healthcare market and the regulatory landscape that governs medical devices and technologies. This expertise allows us to evaluate potential investments and help our portfolio companies navigate complex regulatory processes and bring their products to market.

       Our portfolio includes a range of medical technology startups, such as those developing medical devices, digital health platforms, healthcare analytics and AI solutions, and other innovative technologies that can improve patient outcomes, reduce healthcare costs, and enhance the overall quality of care.

       Our mission as a venture capital firm is to support and empower innovative entrepreneurs and startup companies that are working to transform the healthcare industry through technology. Through your investments and expertise, you aim to foster innovation, improve patient outcomes, and create value for your investors and the broader healthcare ecosystem.

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