Bio Carbon Fuels LLC

Waste-to-Energy Startup Seeks $25MM Project Funding for Opportunities in Connecticut

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Next-Generation ‘Total Recovery Facility’ Startup Seeks Funding

Bio Carbon Fuels LLC, has strong opportunities to build 'Total Recovery Facilities' (TRFs) in Connecticut. 
We will produce renewable electricity, recyclables, construction materials and CO2 for urban farming with ZERO EMISSIONs 
and ZERO LANDFILL, from a variety of Municipal Solid Waste streams.  Landfill mining is an option in later projects.

We are currently in negotiations with Connecticut communities, with state support, to secure long-term waste contracts, 
with industrial sites already offered by towns. 
This is an opportune time for new waste conversion projects in Connecticut since the closure of a major WTE incinerator 
was announced. Up to 52 communities will be looking for new waste management options. Meanwhile, demographic 
changes are increasing waste production significantly in Connecticut as landfill options decline.

 We need $5M seed funding, ROI, for the two-year design-build phase of our project.
 We also need a partner to fulfill a $20MM financing goal so long-term financing can come on board.
 We seek to secure PPAs in the New England area.

 Our fully permitted, commercial reference plant will be receiving visitors beginning in February 2021.
 We are also exploring the vast waste-to-energy opportunities for our technology in Texas.

 Please see our presentation:

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