biilife (Breast Implant Illness)

Raising $100k for Breast Implant Illness Awareness & Advocacy

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Looking for $100k to create an outlet and business for advocacy, awareness, explant surgery scholarships and merchandise sales in support of Breast Implant Illness, benefitting a fast-growing demographic of women suffering illness from their implants.  Countless women were told their implants were safe, but there is a major change in the narrative rising, including a recommended “black box warning” proposed by the FDA on ALL breast implants - with some formally recalled that are medically proven to cause a rare form of Lymphoma.  

This is a HOT topic, including recent coverage by Women's Health Magazine, "O" Magazine, Lululemon, The Doctors daytime show, Botched, multiple periodicals and news outlets, and more!  Some plastic surgeons now only do explants, refusing to do implants, viewing them as unethical.  Celebrities have also come forward to speak out on the subject.  

In addition to my research, having suffered from it myself, and having fully recovered post explant, I am keenly aware of the issues surrounding Breast Implant Illness (aka: BII).  I know this demographic intimately and I am a successful CEO of a global manufacturing company, so I know business well.  I have secured biilife as a legal business (EIN assigned), the domain Some of the funds will be appropriated for construction of the informational and e-commerce website and social media outlets.  This is an issue gaining tremendous momentum and I want to be on the front end of it from a business and difference making position.  Thank you for your consideration!

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