BigHoops - Topgolf for Basketball 🏀

$650k raised, 2,000 games played @ $60/hr, raising $5M Series A to open the Topgolf of Basketball (robotic, patented, entertainment machine)

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BigHoops is the TopGolf of Basketball with a patented, skills-based machine that gets everyone in the game. We are seeking investors to open our first entertainment dining location in Atlanta. Investor pitch below.

Deck + Meet the Experience Video:

Modern consumers are demanding experiences over simple restaurants.
* Entertainment dining is exploding at a 10% CAGR and is expected to reach $43B by 2028, globally.
* Basketball has 150M players and fans in the US; 3X that of Golf.
* There is no compelling social Basketball entertainment dining.

Why?: It takes a lot of tech, R&D, IP, and testing to make a compelling product which everyone can enjoy socially.

Enter: BigHoops! We've done all the work!

BigHoops has:
* $650k pre-seed / seed round raised; 40% of Series A committed.
* The only compelling solution (4 years in development).
* A strong, broad patent (issued in 2022).
* Market validation (2,000+ game booked, paying >$60hr).
* Restaurant and production ready status.

If interested, please message us through or visit our website - thanks, and we look forward to hearing from you!

Paul Brown
CEO, BigHoops

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