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Forex Trader looking for 100k + of funding and share the profit with investors

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I have developed some strategies in the Forex Markets. And I'm looking for a funding of minimum 100k to start and eventually running my algorithms on more capital.
My goal its to reach the 10 Million mark of funding. But I can handle more in the near future.

It could be a loan or a short term partnership. But I prefer a long-term partnership with my investors.

Basically, I will use that money to invest in my own algorithms that I have created.
If the funding is a loan, we can arrange something so both of us have a win-win situation.
If the funding is a partnership, there is a profit split on the investment that we need to discuss, so we are both comfortable with the partnership.

I don't mind to share my track record of some of my algorithms.
Hopefully, i will find some investors thru this website, but I know, it is not something straight forward to invest in.

Here is more details about the 2 options of funding:

1. Loan: For a loan we need to discuss the term, the interest rate (annual) and the amount. Mostly, the interest rate on the loan will be the revenue for the investor. We can do a small profit split that will replace the interest rate. For example, 10% of the net profit paid annually instead of 10% interest rate on the loan amount. And after the term or before the term, the initial loan can be repaid without penalty. Keep in mind, anything can be discussed and negotiated to satisfy both parties.

2. Partnership: This option its about profit split and long-term commitment from both parties. It could be X% for me and Y% for the investor. But in that case, the investor is taking all the risk which means losses that will occur if it does occurred. Basically, the investor could lost all the invested capital or we can agree to a maximum loss before stopping our agreement. And same as for loan, anything can be discussed and negotiated to satisfy both parties.

I invite you to visit my website:
And I can send you the business plan if needed.

Please contact me on this website if interested or not. Eventually, we can schedule a zoom call if we are moving forward with this project.

Thank you for your time, and if you have any question, please feel free to ask.

Best Regards.
Bernard Inthavanh

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