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BFROW is niche-specific networking and job landing tool, that brings together creative professionals ( designers, digital artists, stylists, bloggers, etc.) and companies ( creative and marketing agencies, media, manufacturers, food & beverage,  studios, etc) in the industries of fashion, beauty, and lifestyle of all professional levels. The creative industry is valued at over $800 billion a year to U.S. economic output,  more than 4 % of GDP and growing. 

However, there are too many apps, websites, and industry subscriptions to use in order to find creatives and companies, most of which work as a direct line to a specific type of specialist ( e.g bloggers, photographers, stylists), which build up to be an expensive and not always effective and time- consuming tools. There isn't one place, except for Instagram where you can find all types of creatives and companies in one place. And even then searchability and connection processes via Instagram are extremely random and very time-consuming. There is almost no way to check the reliability of the creative or company. Not created for job search and hiring.  
LinkedIn was not created for the creative industry unless the corporate level. It doesn't offer any tools requires by the industry to be hired and therefore little to none of the creative individuals and companies use it as a professional tool. 


Need a network of relevant contacts in order to get jobs and collaborate
Need a quick and easy search of quality creatives and other businesses in the industry


What Our Competitors Are Doing Wrong?

  • Only solve parts of the problem

  • Creatives can’t reach out to companies directly

  • User profiles don’t show the full picture of a creative’s background 

  • Way too expensive

  • UI is clunky and not appealing to those with critical creative eyes 

  • Poor search/filtering

  • Neglecting companies' needs outside of hiring (companies need to connect with other companies too!)


Brings together creatives and companies of all levels
Quick and Easy detailed search tool + filtration
No more third parties involved 
Job Posting(Hiring) features
Industry-Specific Calendar 
Detailed Profiles ( verification + ratings)
Visual Portfolios ( Media Kit/ Press Kit)
Global Creative Community 


BFROW offers A FREEMIUM Subscription Model

For creatives who aren’t actively networking or looking for work
For creatives actively networking and looking for work and collaborators

For companies who aren’t actively hiring
For companies who are actively or frequently hiring creatives


The go-to professional community for the creative world, connecting those who provide high-quality creative work with those who need it. 

Free to join, with affordable upgrades when you want more from the platform. 


BFROW is a team of Young Creatives with excessive experience in the industry, good industry connections, and a variety of skills to build this product and make it a customized tool for the niche. We personally went through, and therefore understand all the issues that the industry currently has and it screams for change.
We are happy to be a part of that change, by offering an affordable and simple tool with a global network, to simplify the processes of hiring,  job search, and professional networking. 
We believe that our product will change the creative world for the better and will solve not one, but many problems for both creatives and businesses in the industry.


We launched our beta version in Feb 2020, just when COVID hit, yet we were able to run some tests and change what needed to be fixed and adjusted. It gave us time to find all the gaps that needed to be filled.
We currently have a database of over 3000 users with a 10% engagement rate,  with almost no advertising and the product being only 10% functional.
We already have an upgraded design that needs to be implemented and within 3 months of investment, the platform will be able to offer a range of tools for members to use.

Thank You

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