Raising 1.5K to empower, engage and educated our community to live beyond barriers enhancing their quality of life.

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BeYond SER, is a non profit organization. Our mission is to go beyond restrictions,barrriers and life challenges that prevent people of all races, cultures, religion and denominations from living a fair, free and progressive life. We provide a variety of services and platforms to support and lift barriers. Our goal is to educate, empower, encourage and engage individuals to rise beyond. Our target ranges from children to elderly.
We have a strong data base of clergy, community, impact folks and volunteers. We have a success record with several initiatives, actions, workshops and town halls. We use the business model of Empowered to Empower. We empower through trainings, workshops and convening.  We build our base by engaging folks that have personal painful stories that will motivate them to be consistent in the work. We set  attainable timelines that allows us to chip away at issues and concerns until we have success. We partner with like minded organizations to accomplish some of our goals. We have strategic evaluations to monitor our progress.
As a Seasoned Grass root Organizer, We organize our teams based on their level of commitment and where their story best applies.  Our data of each event is always collected, and uploaded to our data base to secure ongoing relationships.
Listed are some of our actions/events:
Empowerment Engagement- Community, Clergy , Disenfranchised listening sessions which lead us to targeted areas of concerns.

Clergy and Community Conversation - Clergy and Community discussion on issues of concerns from both sides. This allows us to build better relationships within our communities and strategically plan and action or event to dissolve some of the disconnect.

Train the Trainer_ Training sessions consistently of Legislature Bills, Local Changes, Voters Suppression, etc.

Youth Engagement- Leaders exposing and engaging youth in opportunities, securing options for their future.

Grieving Women and Girls Workshop- Provided safe platforms for those that are grieving the loss of loved ones. Our conference is annually with (2) activities per year. 

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