Bethel Cannon Ranch

Raising $300k for irrigation and installation of a greenhouse for community food and opportunities.

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We live in Grayson County, Texas where the poverty rate was 12% just prior to the pandemic . We recently purchased an 82.5 acre ranch for the sole (soul) purpose of establishing a unique Social Enterprise specifically designed to provide food and community space for the North Texas area while using the opportunity to teach marketable skills, provide self-sustaining assistance and help developing a critical path to get out of poverty with drive and dignity. 

There is a 5.5 acre pond on the property that we would like to use as our water source for all of the farming areas. To get us started we need to install a water well in the pond to keep it full through the hot months and irrigation lines to provide water throughout the property. We also want to build a large greenhouse where we can grow fruits and vegetable and teach aquaponics and hydroponics so we can help the community understand how to plant, grow and harvest food in any size space as well as how to grow and sell trees as a revenue stream.  

A community garden will be developed on the property to provide free food to those who need it. 

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