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40 Year machine manufacturer needing funding to start manufacturing again.

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40 year Machine manufacturer in the fenestration industry.  Besten Equipment has been manufacturing machines for the fenestration industry for nearly 40 years. I am the third owner. A little background, The original owner sold the business to a spacer company called Truseal. Truseal bought Besten because they felt it was a good pairing because it catered to their product. Quanex then bough Truseal and inherited the Besten Company. Years ago when the economy tanked they decided to stop manufacturing equipment and let all the employees go. The business was never part of their core products. I worked for Besten/Trueseal/Quanex for about 20 years. When I left the Company I was the only one left that had any knowledge on the Machine side of the business. I inherited the business when I left, Quanex did not want it. For the past almost 4 years I have been selling parts, doing service work and helping customers with the equipment. It has been coming more of a demand for new machinery.  I would like to open a facility hire some people and start a Kan-Ban system of equipment. There is also a need for some engineering work. Upgrades and new equipment ideas. There are Besten Machines in manufacturing facilities Across the US, Canada, China, Japan. Tens of thousands of our equipment still in use today. Since Besten is no longer married to a certain product "spacer" we can cater to all spacer companies. Also design other equipment that does not have to cater to the fenestration industry. We have 7 automated lines "Robots" in production at customers today. Our customers range from large to small. Some of the companies using our equipment include, Pella, Anderson, Silverline, MI, and many more. Our Heated Roll Press was even displayed on "How its made" for window manufacturing.  Where is says how much my monthly income is, I realize that it is not a huge amount. I am only doing service work and parts. When we add equipment into the mix, it is a huge difference. One piece of equipment sells starting at 25,000.00. Most need to buy an entire line of equipment - up to 5 pieces for a single line. Our automated line sold for 1.2 million 10 years ago.  The last year of production we did 400,000.00 in parts sales alone. 
I am looking to do this relatively quickly. I need to get into a facility and get things set up and start manufacturing. Hire people. The business is in the greater Cleveland area of Ohio.  Besten used to be a multi million dollar company, I would like to get it back to that and grow even more.   

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