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Raising Capital to Launch Market Disrupter in the Small Business Digital Advertising & Marketing Arena-No Direct Competitors

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The nation’s first subscription-based digital ad agency designed exclusively for America’s Main Street Merchants.. A true market disrupter that provides all small businesses access to a vast range of digital assets centered around TV and streaming advertising. All digital assets, including commercial TV spots are provided at an unmatched cost (Average cost projected at $525-$550 per 4-week run), and broadcast with frequency that rivals or surpasses their big corporate competitors.

1. Management’s wealth of experience in operating a similar business valued at over $18,000,000 after one year, and with 235% year over year growth.
2. Recurring revenue model with rapid expansion, and cashflow from Day One.
3. Deep market: more than 32 million small businesses across the country, and growing.
4. A streamlined concept that’s entirely new…Members-only, 3 subscription levels, and so simple it’s plug-n-play. There is no learning curve.
5. At a snap, members are on TV and streaming services—the two mediums they thought they could never afford.
6. Social commitment to every Main Street across America to build strength in local neighborhoods through our Community "Corner" and Hand in Hand Trust program, a sustainable social commitment in each market that will provide on-going rescue fund raising for small business owners falling on hard times. Beeotto and local Business Members will manage the program jointly.
7. No direct competitors in our niche market area.

 Our objective is to build a nationwide community: the Beeotto Family of Small Businesses—a marketing alliance that will become a new American brand.
Early investors will enjoy significant financial perks.
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