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Wow, my ideas did not happen overnight my ideas have been happening for a few years living here on the Outer Banks. I love the beach and we are a foster family and we used to and still do walk the beach when we would get foster kids. They really seem to love finding shells and had a purpose to find trash and pick it up and throw it away to help not only humans but the animals. Walking also helps with anxiety.  That is what started my dream of enjoying the mornings with my kids picking up trash, there is always trash, sadly.
While picking up trash we would find beautiful seashells, drift wood, we love making Jewel, artwork ,wall art ,soap dish holders, driftwood wind chimes etc.
We have since adopted 4 of or kiddos we are still a licensed foster family so my other goal was to be able to work somewhere where I would be able to bring our kiddos after school or if they have a week off.  My business idea has really involved years of living  on the island that we love so much and the people that come here and live here that we have come to love also . We would love to give them a place where they can purchase biodegradable beach toys for kids and adults too. If it's left on the beach it's biodegradable and it won't be harmful to our oceans, beaches and our wildlife on the island. Also to show how much trash that is really left behind. Maybe put some pictures around the studio to show what we pick up on a daily basis when we walk in the morning. We will put in a Water Bar. I do not know if there's other water bars right now that we want to do. I tried to find some but have not yet t date. But we Ours would collect rainwater, as we know in the Outer Banks, we get a lot of rainwater. Our filtration system would be able to see through. Customers would be able to  see where the water is coming from and how it's changed from rainwater to drinkable water. We would offer reusable glass bottles that they can purchase for around $20 and fill with our water. And able to keep the glass and come back and refill their water at any time for $4 charge and on water bar local honey that we buy from the farmers around here and our local fruits and herbs. They can come before they go to the beach and fill up a biodegradable pitcher or glass gallon. 
I would love to purchase a commercial building it is $ 750,000. I am hoping to get it less than that. It has three studios downstairs, 2 apartments (,$3500  income), 4 acres to build in the back of the property that I would love to after five years of my plan to have our business up and running.  
Rent out a studio next to us which we already have a salon interested in renting for 2000 a month. They have been a salon for over 20 years and would love to rent it.  The parking lot is big and it has a big porch for sitting , on it so we would love to rent to a truck food company which we already have a couple of trucks  who have  interested. Rent to them the spot for 1200 a month. In the back of the building it's about four acres so about 2 acres in the backyard I would love to put flow hive honey bee nest for of course honey and maybe start a community garden back there .I also have a lot of ideas, I know, but I also would love to recycle a lot of things that I see at our local dump sites such things as we have a lot of pallets from the construction workers around here that I would love to recycle and build small furniture with and hire somebody for the other studio we have in the bag too help us build with the pallets and use the recycle washer and dryer drums to make fire pits .Again I have to say this is years in the making of what I can do locally. we would also like to win the building of the pilots get somebody back there with woodworking but also Cardboard working we have lot of local businesses that get a lot of Cardboard and we would love to recycle the Cardboard to make cats houses and cat toys and dog toys small animals toys and houses you can look those up online there's a lot of 'em and they don't take that long to build and kids could even do it so I would like to hire local teenagers to come in and hell put the Cardboard together we also have lots of feral cats in the area. Or for the studio not in use make, Ssshhhing rooms of quiet little rooms with messaging chairs and a water from our bar with light spa music and cool in the hot summer days. And maybe a tanning bed.
As a resident who has lived on the island for about 20 years I have worked as a owner property mediator and also as a Post Office Clerk/Passport Clerk and my job now as the Hatteras Library Branch Manager .I have personally seen and been a part of the interest and findings books areas businesses that customers are looking for in this area will it be it may be in finding directions to the kind of art Gallery or that they are looking for or as my job now it could be a book that they're looking for of the growing need for having things recycled in green and ecofriendly as locals we can see the difference any erosion on our beaches .We have friends in some really close friends we consider friends family that are business owners and have seen their growth and changing if need be to our area and our visitors may need or business plan has us projected and this is just from talking to other art gallery's and stores that sell beach needs and beach goods that are not chain stores my projection and sales for the year of 2021 what put us at 86,000 for the year that's not including the apartment rentals or studio rentals an food truck parking lot spot rental as my plan stands those payments will go straight into the bank where they will stay until needed in the event of a hurricane season or bad vacation season. The revenue from just our studio would cover mortgage, insurance, power, water leaving us about 9,000 restock our merchandise. The apartments already have their own power/water boxes. I would love to have the building paid off within 6 years of loan. 5 years with the studios, apartments and food truck should bring in $360,000. There are no guarantee tenant rentals. My pay will come after 6 years. I have income from the state around 1400 a month, plus my husband’s military retirement which pays our bills and his job. We own our house and have about 6 years till we have it paid off. 
My team has always been my family, friend, locals and visitors. As for  I think my credentials are I have always been a fighter. I was born with Cystic Fibrosis, some peoples have looked at me as someone who had a countdown to live. As I am coming up on my 43rd birthday. I am the new face of Adults with CF! I am thriving, I am giving, I do not give up. Something I believe in ,is small ripples that can make a huge difference in small communities and maybe grow into become part of larger communities. People did not think I could foster, work full time be a wife have chickens have my bees, have all my fur babies, and adopted are beautiful children. I have a great team. I do not give up and I really think this business will not only help my family but many other families. As I get older, I realize that my credentials (life, living) is a contribution.
I  Don't mind change and others opinions I think you need that to have a good business to have a business that will grow .I hope you take the time to read this and though it might not be all correct grammar caps or exactly what your business plan may look like I hope you can hear my heart and soul and drive in this and now that I take it very seriously I would love to have the funds to start this journey thank you for your time in reading this. If you have time, I would appreciate any advice.

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