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Raising 3.85

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Investment Opportunity – Assisted Living Facility / Rehab Conversion
We are raising capital for one of several investment opportunities based here in Chilliwack, British Columbia Canada.
At this time, we are raising 3.85 million to purchase and convert an assisted living home with 16 residences currently living in the home.  
The value of the land is 1.1 million and the home is an 8900 square foot house converted into an assisted living home.  The replacement cost of the home is 250+ / square foot. 
This home has 16 units, one full 1-bedroom suite, 18 washrooms, full commercial kitchen, landscaped on 1.1 acre on the Chilliwack mountain.  
At this time, this is the use of this property.  The property is well used and has an outstanding reputation for looking after its residents.  This property was not a listed property.  In turn, the owner was referred to Guardian Caregiving Ltd. to inquire weather or not we would be interested in purchasing the property and business.  Based on our reputation at Guardian Caregiving, we accepted the offer of purchasing the property.  
This property is under utilized in several ways. What Guardian Caregiving’s plan is the following:
Ø  Set a plan to upgrade and up date the building to a modern look.
Ø  Revise the current business plan to double the revenue in the following 12 months.
Ø  Develop business plan to transition the assisted living home into a Drug & Alcohol Rehab Centre.
Ø  The develop the Rehab Centre into a 4/5-star Centre.
Ø  This will increase revenue by 7200% at 60% capacity.
Ø  We will purchase 2 additional properties to move the existing residents into.
Ø  As a business overhead reduction, we would have rehab residents help with landscaping, cleaning of the facilities, and general maintained as per as their rehab.
Ø  Get them involved with the Elderly on a positive level.
What will the 3.85 million be used for?
Ø  Full renovations of the inside of the property/ bring it back to a modern style
-          Full central air conditioning.
-          Upgraded kitchen with top-of-the-line commercial equipment.
-          Install an in-ground pool with 2 hot tubs.
-          Land scaping with a greenhouse.
-          Full upgraded security system for the safe to the residents and staff.
-          New flooring throughout
-          Full Gym
-          New paint, restore rustic fire places / Inserts for gas efficiency.
Ø  The Purchasing of the property – Out right.  The property is exclusively ours to purchase.  It is not a listed property at the moment.
Utilize the ability of multiple income sources that are not being explored at this time.  Areas such as:
Ø  Immigration LMIA’s - "Labor Market Immigration Assessment"
Ø  Partnership with the local college for Culinary Training, homecare and physiotherapy.
Ø  Contract services for in home meals.
Ø  Prescription delivery and implementation.
Ø  Bemer Therapy for all residents and distribution.
Ø  Home Care services through Guardian Caregiving Ltd.
Stipulations/Outlook on growth of investment
Any investment that is made is negotiable on the options on the payout process.  In general we will be looking at a 3-5 year commitment for the funds with the 5th year (if needed) it will be paid out in full with interest that is negotiated.
Our philosophy at Guardian Caregiving is that a good return is a minimum of 8-12%.  This is on the low side.  We will be looking at a much higher return by the end of the 5th year.
At this time, direct contact is necessary to inquire about the returns on the investment.
An example of a typical payout from Guardian Caregiving Ltd.
1)      First year, it is set up and I would not expect a large return however, the goal is to start a dividend payout by the end of the 90th day.
2)      Once the conversation is complete, the average monthly dividend cheque would range from $8,000 – 35,000 a month (Depending on occupancy)
3)      Then at the end of the 3rd, 4th or 5th year, the full 3.5 will be payout with interest in full with the options of a longer hold.
Please reach out to me if interested and a full disclosure package will be shared with you upon a sign disclosure / confidential agreement.  
Scott A. Boyle, CHS (Certified Health Specialist) 

CEO / President 
Guardian Caregiving Ltd.
(604) 991-3373

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