Beanstalk Social, LLC.

Raising up to 1 Million for Proven App with Statistics to support! Just need Marketing Dollars to Scale

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Welcome to Beanstalk
  • Lifestyle App/Experience Platform
  • High Social Engagement Platform
  • Utility Platform
  • Connecting Experiences
  • Seeking $1 MILLION
 About Beanstalk
  • What is Beanstalk: Beanstalk is a Utility App with a High Community Aspect
  • Founders: Stan Dalton (Founder & CEO, 90% Ownership), David Jones (Angel Investor, 10% Ownership)
  • Development: Platform developed natively for IOS and Android
  • Intellectual Property (IP): 4 Registered Trademarks, Patent Pending, PCT Patent Application
  • Beta Phase: Currently in the Beta phase with promising metrics - Retention, DAU, Organic User Growth
  • Investment Allocation: Investment to be used for Marketing, Technology Enhancement, Scaling, and Adding Experiences
  • Company Foundation: Registered in the State of Delaware
  • Great Metrics/Return Users, DAU, and Retention
Investment Goals
  • Milestones: We believe with a $1 MILLION investment, we can achieve key milestones, increase user velocity, and prove our concept further.
  • Monetization: Implement aggressive monetization models as we scale.
 Beanstalk's Uniqueness
  • Unique Selling Points: Beanstalk is already populated with over 1 million experiences from day one, spanning various categories.
  • Investment So Far: We've invested over $1.5 million in app development and IP protection.
Marketing and PR
  • Marketing Strategy: We've partnered with Snapp Conner PR for media outreach.
  • Media Recognition: Our press releases have received national attention, including Yahoo Finance and Benzinga.
  • TechBuzz Article: Mentioned in TechBuzz - article attached.
User Experience Enhancement
  • Ongoing Improvements: We are integrating Chat GPT and Machine Learning for Moderation, Customer Service, and a seamless User Experience.
Additional Information
  • Team: Meet our passionate team - link provided.
  • Website: Explore our website.
  • Explainer Video: Watch our video presentation.
  • Future Vision: Understand our roadmap.
  • App Links: Access our app on Apple Store and Google Play Store.
  • Final Words: I would love to show you our product and discuss our long-term vision in detail.
  • Gratitude: Thank you for your consideration and your time.
Contact Information
  • Contact: Stan Dalton, CEO Beanstalk Social, LLC
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Request for Meeting: We look forward to hearing from you soon and scheduling a demonstration of our technologies
Thank you for your consideration, and we are excited to discuss how your investment can help us take Beanstalk to new heights.

Stan Dalton/CEO

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