bax-u inc.

Kinisio muscles Tapes, built in your activewear that talks to your phone.

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As a professional Chiropractor and Biomechanics specialist, over 80%  of my patients could have avoided being a patient.  Most people avoid care due to cost of time or money. BAX-U is fashionable apparel talking to your smart devices in sports, healthcare and corporate wellness to detect, correct and track body for higher performance . 
 Combining  growing markets of Fashionable Activewear [CGAR 6%] and Wearable SaaS technology [CAGR 31%] for every day functional and wellbeing benefits.  
Soft launch to prove initial concept has put the company at generating revenue, delivering products in hands of consumers as we build raving, paying and referring fans.  
Collaboration & sponsorship with NFL retired congress ,  PGA coaches, Olympic track and field , Physicl Rehab Clinics, and Union Constrution workers  have experienced the benefits of BAX-U activewear. 
My team of multiple exits professionals with +50 years of experience CTO/ COO and 2 Staff have over come many milestones and  to date the  company is 100% woman owned, self funded and operating at70%  EBITA, expecting year one revenue to be $1.7M follow by year two & three at 30% growth rate.   
Seeking  funding to launch phase 2:  Technology  SaaS  @ $199/yr .   Accepting $100K checks to reach our goal of $2.5M  Convertible Note.  Allocations of funds: COA cost of customer retention, INVENTORY to meet demand ADMIN handle company  growth.

My team and I are excited to meet you and answer any questions you may have. 
Our mission is to save peoples lives 1 spine at a time. As we  build a culture of Raving, Paying, Referring fans. we believe “together we can” reach and achieve anything.  Are you ready to join our mission, passion and goal. . 

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