BARE Kollections is a growing eCommerce business in self-care and home decor products

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Americans really care about self-care!!!

Success till now:

●       Proven business model. Already successful on Amazon
●       2,000 + recurring customers
●       current profit margin per product circa $15 (90% ROI) minus marketing cost.  
●       current average Return on Add Spend (ROAS) on Amazon is 6
●       potential profit margin per new product up to $65  (240 % ROI)  minus marketing cost.  
●       trademarked brand name 
●       working towards getting into Sephora and Nordstrom’s
●       Certified Women Owned Enterprise

Brand / Product Value:

1. Socially Responsible Brand
2. Natural Ingredients
3. Cruelty Free
4. Using Renewable Resources
5. Using Biodegradable Packaging
6.  Plastic Free
7. Recycled Content

Why I Need You?

With your investment, I will build my dream team to achieve 2 goals simultaneously - scale my current e-commerce business (Bare Kollections) + build a Mobile App catered to Pregnant Women and new Moms.

Goal 1:  Grow Bare Kollections with marketing
                 a. Grow recurring customer base
                 b. Acquire new customers
                 c. Introduce new products

Market Potential: 
  • Americans on average spend 27% of their annual disposable income on self-care. 
  • 62% of people want to treat themselves even more than they currently do

Goal 2:  Build an app catering to Pregnant women and New Moms

Market Potential: 
  •  A new baby is born in America every 8 seconds.  
  • That’s 11000 new moms, ie, my potential customers.  
  • Subscription: $1.99 - $2.99 / month  
  • Projected 1st year: 200,000 users 
  • Projected 5th year: 10,000,000 users  

Projected sustainable annual revenue for the Mobile App: $ 238,000,000 (at $ 1.99 / month per subscriber)

>>My products are environmentally friendly with an emphasis on design that minimizes waste but doesn’t sacrifice style.<<

About the Founder: "I am Sanja Hadrovic. I studied Architecture and Design and have grown Bare Kollections on my own so far. Product market research and product development along with strategic sales are my strengths.  I am very organized and an effective team builder.   I believe that delegation is one of the core concepts of management leadership, and I am proud to say that I possess very strong organizational skills." 

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