Bamboo Asia

Explore Japan, Vietnam, and India where you can mix up your bowl, roll, wrap.

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So Bamboo Asia is an Asian fast-casual restaurant in San Francisco Bay Area. We are an Asian street food market serving Japanese, Vietnamese and Indian dishes from 3 separate stations under one roof. So, customers can choose one of our specials or create their salad, rice bowl, sushi roll, roti wrap, or banh mi in a modern and playful setting. We call it Far East flavors, West Coast vibes.
And so the fact that we have three different stations in one place captures that street food market experience while allowing us to stay true to each cuisine's traditional flavor profiles. From an efficiency perspective, it also allows us to serve over 300 customers in an hour, more than the busiest Chipotle in the country.
And other than the street food market experience, what makes Bamboo Asia unique is that we use Sous Vide cooking while leveraging a local central kitchen to eliminate the need for a full kitchen or chef at each location, allowing us to run at a labor cost of less than 20% and reducing the build-out cost of each site by more than 2/3’s.

They have been in business since 2011, and before the pandemic, they opened a new location about every six months. We are now building out our 5th location in San Mateo, our most important site with a full liquor license open seven days a week. And we plan to grow to 12 Bay Area locations over the next two years before expanding to LA.

Before the pandemic, we were operating at a run rate of about $6m per year, and our new San Mateo location will increase to over $8m per year.

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