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Tailored to fit clothing boutique. Featuring Vintage couture and Stage wear with modeling and photography all under one roof and on location

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Creating the idea in 2016, Founder and Owner, Jaime (JLO) Nelson,  designed Bad-Ass Betties as a vintage couture/retro clothing store to empower women of all sizes to love and embrace their natural beauty. Believing its not about the size you wear, but, how you wear your size. Graduating from VC Cappelli Cosmetology school in 1998, JLO has always loved recreating vintage and retro hair and makeup styles for clients, herself, and her family. After obtaining her RN license, JLO created a spa in her basement to continue to do what she loved while working as a nurse. Normally struggling to find a size that fits without being custom made. Jlo measured 30 inch waist and had 36 F cup or 43”chest, in 2002 Jlo had to have breast reduction surgery to find and afford her wedding dress. To have it altered would ruin the dress and to have it made was thousands of dollars. The surgeon ended up taking 2.5lbs from each breast taking her from an F cup to a C cup  JLO plans to create a store that welcomes all sizes, body types, and interest levels.  Bad Ass Betties (BAB’s) will not only have clothing and accessories for women and men of  all sizes, but will also have a burlesque/ era matching themed photography studio where clients can model for their gain of self-embracement, empowerment, and if willing, to help the business with advertisement. 

In the first ten years of business, it is estimated that the company will obtain a profit of $85,000. This profit will be provided from the clothing and accessories sold, photography packages including hair style and makeup, a  vintage couture or burlesque outfits to wear for shoot. While there will be a permanent TBD location, during the months of May to September it is also planned to have a traveling business on some weekends to attend car/bike shows, events, and requested locations. While traveling expenses are expected, profit from traveling will be 10-15% lower than the estimated profit due to travel expenses (Mileage, Hotel if needed, and booth rental). *I will continue to update estimated profit once a location is picked out.

BAB's clothing will be Tailored to fit the woman(and man). BAB’s clothing will be specifically chosen by JLO and will be available in all sizes. Clothing will be from multiple wholesale companies, or custom designed by the in-house fashion designer. This would help bring the Bad-Ass Betties Clothing Line (Jlo's visions) to life, along with the visions, input and help of the designer. Some examples of these wholesale  businesses are RetroRep Wholesale, Punkabilly Wholesale, Unique Vintage , ReRag, Rebels Market, Wholesale Shape She, Blockbuster Costumes and more. These businesses specialize in different aspects of burlesque, retro, rockabilly and  vintage couture  clothing. Clothing  ranging from 1920s style to present day will be available on the website, instore and in the traveling boutique. Clothing from coats, to swimsuits ,shapewear, corsets to dresses will be made available to the public, online, and in the traveling boutique solely based on the current season. Although all items will be featured on the website, each will be made available upon special request at the permanent location. For example, a client is searching for a retro summer dress for a contest/pageant, our online store will feature all summer dresses, but clients will need to call to view and try on the dress at the permanent store. Shoes will be made available in all sizes and accessories will be  available in all sizes, or alterable. Both will be available year-round with the assistance of a specifically designated area for each.  

BAB’s Boutique gives clients the ability to enhance their natural beauty while bringing in aspects of retro and  vintage couture hairstyles that coordinate with their outfits. .Jlo possesses a special gift of being able to style/dress others to accentuate their gifts, and assist them to find the best outfit for their body type  at the same time inspiring body positive thinking and increase self esteem, BABs Boutique and styling nook  will consult with clients,  whether it be before a contest/pageant, just for fun, or before a photoshoot to ensure clients are receiving the look they want and the best customer service possible,  BABs boutique creates warm, friendly and positive environment for everyone. We not only focus on just retro and vintage beauty, but will help you with your hair care needs. Besides just hair and makeup needs, . Everyone is welcome, prices vary on case by case basis depending on the clients wants and needs.

 In the style of icons similar to the Great Gatsby, Bette Davis, Marilyn Monroe, James Dean, Audrey Hepburn, and Elvis, the themed Boutique, clients have the ability to ask in store for a consultation. While bookings may be done over the phone, in store, or online, BAB’s styling nook will work on a strict schedule, only accepting one customer at a time. 

BAB’s photography studio will create a safe, welcoming, and comfortable setting for everyone interested. **To begin with, throughout the summer, sessions will need to be booked, at least two weeks in advance, accepting some walk-ins. While in winter, sessions will need to be booked before September, depending upon the photographer's schedule. Then  a waitlist will be implemented for cancelations and open appointments. . The photography studio will specialize in all aspects of photography and will allow clients to decide whether they would like to use the studio or a different location. Between senior photos, engagements, boudoir, pinup, etc. BAB’s photography studio will help you with all of your photography needs while allowing the clients energy and natural poses flow, with some creative inputs and prompts from the photographer. 

Although the styling nook and photography studio are in the same building, only one will be in commission at a time due to management needing to stay in the retail portion. Once a client is done in the nook, they will be placed into the photography waiting room while JLO returns to the retail portion to retrieve the photographer and switch places. The styling nook is strictly for era matching hairstyling and make-up application for customers upcoming  photography shoot or contest/pageant. In addition to the above services we will also be offering fashion shows/contests, burlesque shows, also working with local colleges to utilize the newest technology in fashion design, photography and print material.

Jlo is a reiki practitioner, and prides herself on encouraging a warm, welcoming, comfortable, peaceful place for her clients to come where they can feel safe to be themselves. Every person (Every Woman)is beautiful! Sometimes we just have to encourage  them to be proud of who they are and comfortable in their own skin. 'Dress shabbily and people will remember the dress, dress impeccably and they remember the woman."-Coco Chanel

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