The heavy lifting is complete. Marketing, promotion, and vetting and securing representation agreements for some of the mostginnovative renewable energy solutions in the world.

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An innovative renewable energy business promoting new green energy systems such as BIPV cladding, small vertical wind turbines, green hydrogen storage, water conservation products and innovative solar street lights. For the past 2.5 years we have focused on identifying the most innovative renewable energy solutions in the world and  embarked upon an extensive promotion and education program to increase awareness and acceptance of these technologies. We are now position to turn that investment into sales.
We are also 49% owners in a new, Indigenous Renewable Energy start up (majority owned by a well-known Canadian Indigenous family) which has tremendous potential. AzSpecd Solutions will provide all technology and consulting services for this company which will provide turnkey renewable energy installations across Canada.
Additionally, we are involved with a European company that is developing a new hybrid wind and solar module and hope to further develop this technology in Canada.

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